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10 things that marriage equality won’t do

A co-worker brought in a pamphlet yesterday. The heading read ‘3 ways gay marriage will change the classroom’. And I quote

More radical gay & lesbian sex ‘education’ programs in schools‘ like Safe Schools which ‘..already teach kids about various forms of sexual activity and encourages sexual experimentation from an early age‘.

Kids will be taught their gender is fluid‘…’something they choose, not something they are born with‘.

Loss of parents’ rights‘. ‘In other countries where gay marriage has been legalised, parents have found themselves in court after trying to pull their kids out of radical gay sex education classes‘.

We were all gobsmacked at the ignorance and blatant disregard for the truth. So here are some things that won’t happen when marriage equality is finally made law:

1.  Heterosexual kids will not suddenly become gay. Homosexuality is not a choice.

2.  Heterosexual kids will not suddenly become lesbian. Homosexuality is not a choice.

3.  Heterosexual kids will not suddenly become trans. Being transgender is not a choice.

4.  Kids in general will not be any more or less interested in sex than they are now. But kids who are taught that being gay, lesbian or trans is not ‘bad’ may become a little more tolerant. They may stop hounding kids who look or act ‘different’. And gay, lesbian or trans kids who struggle to make sense of their feelings and their place in the world may stop harming themselves and taking their own lives.

5.  Parents will not lose any of the ‘rights’ they have now. They will still be free to place their children in public or private schools according to their beliefs. They will also continue to have the right to homeschool their children.

6.  Religious institutions that allowed systemic child abuse to continue for decades will continue to marry or not marry people based on church dogma.

7.  Adults who disliked gay, lesbian or trans people before marriage equality can continue to dislike them afterwards. Marriage equality is powerless to stop prejudice and bigotry.

8.  Marriage equality will not harm any straight people.

9.  Marriage equality will not take anything away from straight people.

10.  Marriage equality is not the start of a slippery slope that will ruin Australia.

These are the countries that have already legalised marriage equality:

This list includes deeply religious countries like Spain, Portugal and Ireland. The sky didn’t fall in and nothing terrible happened.

Nothing terrible will happen here either. Life will continue the way it always has, but there may come a time when kids who are different can stand tall and live happy, productive lives instead of being bullied to death like Kenneth James Weishuhn. Rest in peace.

Vote Yes


A challenge – music from my favourite decade.

Colin from Colinology challenged me to come up with a post about the music of my favourite decade. Well, for me that would have to be the 70’s.  I’ll give my reasons at the end,  but for now, sit back, relax and enjoy some golden oldies in no particular order [coz I’m lazy]. 🙂

1978 : Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street. I love the sax on this track, and the musician-ship, and the story in the lyrics.

1973 : Pink Floyd – Money. Lots of synthesizer but also some gorgeous live instruments. In fact, most of the track is instrumental, highlighting the musician-ship of the band. See a pattern emerging?

1971 : Led Zepplin – Stairway to Heaven. No visuals on this clip but just listen to the intro. Melody, lyrics, muscian-ship. This song has it all.

1978 : The Doobie Brothers – What a Fool Believes. The Doobies didn’t write the song but they sure made it famous. I lived through a breakup listening to this song. 🙂

1971 : The Doors – Riders on the Storm. I can’t say I loved everything the Doors wrote but I did love this particular song for the same reasons I’ve given for all the others. Very jazzy with an emphasis on musician-ship. They were bad boys but they knew how to play… instruments. 🙂

1971 :  Yes – I’ve Seen All Good People. I came to Yes late and used to have great debates with my ex about which was the better band – Supertramp or Yes. I thought it was Supertramp but I can’t include a list of  the 70’s without at least this one song.

1974 : Supertramp – School. Crime of the Century is such a fantastic album it’s hard to pick just one track so, as I’ve already featured other tracks from the album,  I thought I’d include School this time. Same amazing musicianship I’ve gushed about before, but also a bit more rock. Love, love, love.

1972 : Deep Purple – Space Truckin’.  No way I could create this list without Deep Purple. Another favourite track from their Machine Head album.

1970 : Bobby Bloom – Montego Bay. Never heard of Bobby Bloom? Don’t worry just enjoy this nice, boppy little song that makes you feel good.

1979 : The Knack – My Sharona. Okay before you kill me, this is just a fun song that I remember with a lot of affection, and I thought it would be a nice low-brow end to the 70’s!

I grew up with classical music and didn’t discover pop/rock until my late teens. So while I love heavy metal and hard, driving rock, I tend to gravitate towards modern music that has its roots in classical. Most of the tracks I love the most feature great musicians who wanted to break out and do something new with their skills. And they did. 🙂

The 70’s was the decade when this kind of music was at its height, before production began to take over from musician-ship, and image superseded talent. There was some brilliant music in the 80’s as well – e.g. Eurythmics – but the times they were a-changin’.

Now I won’t name names, but I know some of you are really into music as well – in particular classic Aussie rock – so if you feel inspired, why not take up the challenge and let the world  know which was your favourite decade!



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