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Latest Wildstar video clip

I’ve posted about Wildstar before, but this latest video clip was so good, and so fiendishly clever, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Even non-gamers should appreciate the artistry, and Indie authors might learn something about marketing.

Okay, so admit it, that brought a smile to your face didn’t it? The animation was very good, the storyline was clever, and the whole thing made you want to see what those critters were really like, didn’t it?

Well, the Wildstar video clip certainly had that effect on me, so much so that… I’m doing their marketing for them!

This is how buzz happens. You give people something clever and fun – for free – and hope they like it enough to tell their friends about it. Each such teaser builds momentum, sometimes for years. Then, by the time the game/book/movie is ready to launch, you have a ready made audience drooling to buy it.

Given how much money game developers have to spend creating their product, the money they spend on this kind of promotion is money well spent, imho [in-my-humble-opinion].

Do you have any favourite examples of clever marketing? Something that sticks in your memory, and makes you want to talk about it?

The marketing doesn’t have to be about games. It can be about toothpaste, or a movie, or anything that grabs your interest, and makes you want ‘more’. Please share in comments!



Wildstar – my gamer dream come true?

I was just taking a coffee break, quietly browsing you know. And guess what I found?


The only thing wrong with Wildstar is that it isn’t out yet. It hasn’t even gone to open beta testing yet. 😦

The closest thing I could find to a release date was “later in 2013”. My guess is Christmas. -sigh-

Still, I’d rather wait and have the game stable than have it released too soon, and have to suffer a million bugs and glitches.

So there you have it. A game with the potential to give me everything I want, more or less. Not sure how I’m going to enjoy the cartoon-like characters, but I’m prepared to be flexible. 🙂



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