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Are you just tapping your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

Google and Levi Strauss are partnering up to produce a fabric that will bring wearable computing [?] out of the realm of sci-fi and into the realm of everyday life.


This sounds like a great idea, but I do wonder how it will change our behaviour. Will we walk down the street tapping different parts of our clothing as we access different wearable apps? And how will that affect our perception of body language?

Jane:    “John! Are you listening to me?”

John:    “Of course I am, Darling.”

Jane:    “Then why are you tapping your pocket like that?”

John:    “Tapping? Pocket? Oh, I, um, just had an itch…”

As a baby geek, I do love the idea of wearables but I don’t think I’m ready to incorporate this into my writing just yet. 🙂



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