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Rainy day maintenance

The heatwave has ended with a downpour and everyone is happy except for the poor alpacas who are soaked and miserable. In honour of the cooler weather I decided to learn how to use WordPress a little better. My home page now has the following changes :

– Uploaded an image of the Vokhtah calendar. It may look like a pretty patchwork quilt but it literally took days of trial and error on a graphics program to get it right. The calendar shows one cycle [year] in the life of the planet as it orbits the G2 star [Takh] of the binary system. I’m no astronomer so working out the light and dark [day and night] cycles has been hell. Thankfully I now have a reference for the seasons as well as a much better idea of what the Vokh and iVokh would see when they venture out of their eyries during different parts of the cycle. Phew!

– I added a Links widget to the home page so I could provide easy access to my [ new ] favourite  authors. There are only three so far but all three have added new dimensions to my reading and I would recommend them to anyone who loves good writing in any genre [or no genre at all!].

– tidied up a few bits and pieces – such as making the title of the Goodreads widget a bit clearer. Now all I have to do is find the time to update Goodreads with reviews and books read…. -sigh- no wick for the rested.

I’ll try and post something a little more interesting tomorrow but for now I really, really need another coffee…

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