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ESO and my digital house

I’m trying hard not to think about what’s happening in the US at the moment so here’s my version of a distraction – in-game house building, with pics!

But first, a bit of info. about what I mean by ‘in-game housing’. Probably the best way to describe it is to say it’s like playing with a 3D dolls house except that your digital character is the ‘doll’.

The motivation for wanting such a 3D house is similar to what drives us to buy houses in the real world. My character may not be able to ‘live’ in this house, but she can still enjoy it. Plus, let’s be honest, having a house is a bit of a status symbol because you have to work for it. The same applies to in-game housing. You have to pay for it by performing ‘work’ in the game. The house can also be filled with ‘special’ things that can only be gained by performing some hard-to-do task or event. And finally, players like me who love crafting can also do a lot of DIY to personalise their ‘home’.

My in-game character[s] aren’t rich by player standards, but because I’m a Master Crafter and gather most of the materials I need, I can ‘build’ things I would otherwise not be able to afford. So think of me as a DIY-er. 🙂

So, on to that house! First up is a ‘before’ pic of the base housing I’ve been working on:

Click the image to get the fullscreen view. Click the ‘back’ arrow to return to the post.

As you can see, it’s just a tiny little house on a smallish block with a big fence all around it. What you can’t see is the beautiful view on the other side of that fence. It was that view which kickstarted my design for the house and block.

This next pic is of the same place, from much the same angle, but this time there’s a ground floor extension on one side of the original house, and a three storey extension on the other:

Same house with a radical make-over

I literally built all of that new stuff with my own two, digital hands. Well, I did use the available components but in rather unexpected ways. The secret is to see objects as shapes rather than as ‘functions’. Thus, for example, I used two ‘leant-to sheds’ to create a peaked roof on the three storey extension. And when I couldn’t find wall components of a certain size, I fudged them by using stone ‘tables’ instead.

I won’t bore you with how I made everything, but I will use the block editor’s slideshow feature to take you through the house, room by room. This is going to be pretty graphics heavy so if the pics take an age to load…I’m sorry!

I like this slideshow feature, but it would be even nicer if you could click on one of the pics to get a full screen view, as you can with ‘normal’ pics. Next time I’ll experiment with the ‘gallery’ display.

And because my favourite view is hard to see, I’ll repeat it here so you can click on it:

which leads to the roof…

Hope you enjoyed my little tour. If anyone wants to know how to create a similar slideshow, please mention it in comments, and I’ll put a how-to post together for you.



I just caught that number out of the corner of my eye, and decided I couldn’t let this milestone slip past without mention! That 29,750 is the number of views my blog has had to-date. 🙂

A big chunk of the almost 20K views I’ve had in 2013 I owe to the Samsung Galaxy SII post. Never in a million years would I have believed a simple little how-to would have such an impact. But there you go, I think I must have cornered a market in user frustration. 🙂

Oddly enough, the popularity of that post gave me the nudge I needed to go back into the training/tech support area.  Silver linings really do come in odd shapes and sizes.

Good night all.



Blog stats

I’m trying not to count my chickens before they’re hatched but… I’m so excited! My total views stand at 993. Just 7 more to go and I’ll hit the magic 1000 mark!

Ok, this is the point at which all experienced bloggers should just look away. You noticed that word ‘total’ and you felt that sinking, cringing feeling…right? Right. You know.  993 views is not the views I’ve had today, it’s the total number of views I’ve had for all the days since I started blogging.

As an all time total 993 views is not much and I admit it but they are MY views and I’m as proud of them as any first time mum. My baby may be small and barely out of the humidicrib but it’s alive and it’s growing! So before I go on I’d like to thank all my lovely mid-wives and mid-husbands out there. Thank you one and all! And a special thank you to my ‘regulars’. You know who you are 🙂 ACFlory is a bit too reserved to send you hugs but Meeka is jumping up and down and blowing kisses!

So… what’s the big deal with blog stats? Well, as any blogger will tell you, stats are what tell you a) how well you are doing and b) what is actually ‘selling’.

Clearly I’m not selling the kind of product that you can pick up and hold in yours hands but I am definitely trying to sell something and that something is ideas. Sometimes those ideas revolve around information that I have and want to share, like my posts on bushfires or even my recipe for chocolate mousse cake. Most of the time though I’m trying to communicate less tangible ideas such as what I think constitutes a ‘great’ book over a merely ‘good’ book. These ideas are intensely subjective so when I find that they resonate with readers out in the digital world I feel as if I’ve found new kindred spirits.

That’s not to say that I’m only looking for people who agree with me – how boring would that be? In time I hope Meeka’s Mind becomes the kind of place people can come to for a good, old fashioned debate. Note I said ‘debate’ not flame war! For the non-gamers out there flame wars are nasty fights that occur on forums when reasoned debate degenerates into vicious name calling, put-downs and the kind of aggressive behaviour usually associated with  sharks and feeding frenzies. That is not what I want so trolls please stay away. [Trolls are gamers who cruise forums with the sole purpose of starting flame wars]. Everyone else please come on in!

But I digress. So stats are vital for the health of your blog but how much should a blogger care about them? Well the answer to that is again going to be very subjective. I personally believe that you should blog about the things that you feel passionate about, whether they ‘sell’ or not. However having said that I will admit that I probably would not be writing as many reviews as I do if it were not for the positive feedback I have received. On the other hand when I posted about Charlotte and Jonathon, the young duo who auditioned for Britain You Have Talent, I honestly did not think it would have the impact that it did. Why? Well… opera is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea is it? And I usually feel like some kind of weird dinosaur when I confess to loving opera.  But perhaps the response to that particular post had more to do with our love of the under-dog and the personalities of those two young people than it did to opera. I know that I felt uplifted by them. They showed me that courage, loyalty and friendship are still alive and well. Moreover the response of the audience showed that all of us recognize those qualities and want them in our lives. One such moment is enough to restore my faith in humanity and it seems I’m not alone in feeling that way.

And on that uplifting thought I’m going to end this post and go check my stats again because… hey, I’m only human 😉

p.s. 996!

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