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Why is my WordPress Reader full of blogs I don’t follow?

I’ve just done a quick check of my Reader and there are hardly any posts on it from blogs I follow. Why? Are my friends not posting? Is WordPress filling in empty space with randoms?

I don’t understand the rationale behind this distortion of my Reader, but if I wanted to read a post about breasts I would look for one.

reader madness 1

Ditto the post about something you stick on the end of your penis [if you’re a guy].

reader madness 2

I’m not a prude, but by the same token I am very much not interested, so could you please stop?

As for the religious posts, that’s insult on top of injury. Atheists don’t enjoy posts about what god does and does not want, written by those who apparently think they know.

This is not fun WordPress. I would rather look at an empty Reader.

Either show me the blogs I do follow or don’t show me anything at all.

Most unhappy,



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