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NEWSFLASH! StoryBox @ $14.95 until end of nanowrimo 2012

Apologies! I only just found out that the developer, Mark Fassett, had this special on. He is a great developer, but seriously needs to work on his marketing! He doesn’t even have this great deal on his front page, I had to dig to find the direct url for this Nanowrimo 2012 StoryBox special offer.

Or if you prefer to see where you’re going before you go there :


I reviewed StoryBox ages ago and I’m still using it and loving it. I won’t go so far as to say it made me win this year’s nano [although it helped], but it did make getting my thoughts/plot in order easier, and it definitely made posting my excerpts a lot easier.

Now I’m going to shut up so you can grab StoryBox as time is literally running out. Trust me, you do want this software!

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