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So you think humans can’t destroy the world? Think again.

My thanks to Anonymole for bringing this video to my attention. Please watch it all the way through as it details how one man could, and did, knowingly destroy millions of lives, not to mention the atmosphere…for money.

I honestly thought I could no longer be shocked by human behaviour. I was wrong. Corporate psychopaths like Midgley abuse the whole, god damned world. When will they get the justice they deserve?


Atmotube tells you if the air you’re breathing is toxic

I believe the attitudes of society change one individual at a time. That is why we should ALL buy one of these. We need to see – in real time – what we’re doing to the world…and ourselves. Read on:

Like you, I assume that the environment I am sitting in right now is pretty safe. I mean, I don’t see anything dangerous, feel uncomfortable, or smell anything that I should be worried about. Yet I may be filling my lungs with harmful elements that my cognitive sensory abilities are incapable of noticing.

Source: Atmotube tells you if the air you’re breathing is toxic

Kathryn Chastain Treat – died, 21st December, 2014

Kathryn Treat RIPKathryn has been a blogging friend for some time, and she was the person who helped promote a bunch of us on Twitter. She was generous to a fault, and I can’t believe she’s gone. Caught up in my own life I did not even know until just now.

Thank you Kathryn. You were strong, and brave, and you helped bring MCS to the public eye. Your book, ‘Allergic to life’ was an eye opener to me, and I’m not even sick.

I will try to keep your message going because only by sharing your story can we begin to change the toxic world you lived in. You were the canary in the mines, and the mines killed you.

I will never forget you. Thank you for being my friend.



Allergic to Life trailer

I’ve been a fan of Kathryn Treat’s book ‘Allergic to my Life’ since it first came out – I literally could not put it down. And now I’ve been touched all over again by the trailer for the book. Filled with lovely family photos, the trailer is like a snapshot of Kathryn’s life, before and now.

If you like the trailer please vote for it, and Kathryn’s blog, right here.



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