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A quiet hero

Quiet heroes go about their lives, doing good things just because they can. But sometimes quiet heroes need a little help. I’m voting for this guy because, despite being hit with a double whammy – cancer and Tourettes – he’s not focusing on himself. He’s focusing on kids with Tourettes, and that’s the only reason we, in the wider community, know about him now.

The link below will take you to the Kona Inspired website, and a video clip about this amazing man. Beneath the video clip you’ll find a vote button.


If you could vote that would be wonderful. If you could spread the message that would be even better. We know how the net works. The quiet heroes are rarely the ones who get the gold stars or the recognition.  Just this once though, we could change that.

Candy started the ball rolling by contacting me and her friends. I’m telling you. You probably have a far wider circle than I do, so please, let’s start a chain reaction! We really do need more quiet heroes like this one.



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