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New #music – Valkyrie by Jo Blankenburg

Valkyrie is big, epic music but with Blankenburg’s iconic melodies woven through each track. This Youtube link is to a 20 minute collection and well worth the listen:

Jo Blankenburg and Thomas Bergersen [Two Steps From Hell] both have the ability to write achingly beautiful melodies. I love these guys. Great music to edit by. 🙂



High C’s – from Vanquish #TSFH

This is my next favourite trach from the new Two Steps From Hell album – Vanquish. It’s called High C’s, and it hits them, effortlessly. 😀

Music to make me smile. 🙂



Widow-makers, compost and a tooth

It’s been an odd week, starting with the widow-maker. And no, in Aussie parlance, a widow-maker is not a psychotic gigolo, it’s a tree, or tree branch that falls without any apparent warning. You can see it in the pic below with my foot for perspective:


I don’t have huge feet, but they’re not tiny either, so that should give you some idea of the size of the damn branch.

The tree it fell from is that Red Box there at the back. Red Box are tall, eucalypts with spreading branches as long as some smaller trees. The next pic shows where the leafy bits landed. I still can’t believe that they missed my roses by less than a metre. Roses on the left, the tips of the branch on the right:


As the branch fell, it tangled with a second Red Box and stripped it of a couple of big branches as well:


It took a man with a chainsaw most of the morning to cut up the widow-maker and cart it away. Twas not cheap. And then this afternoon I had to have a tooth extracted. Not counting my wisdom teeth, it’s only the second tooth I’ve lost but I still feel rather depressed. I’d hate to end up having to gum my pork crackling. 😦

On a brighter note, I did manage to make a compost container yesterday. It sits in a corner between the fence with my neighbour and the side fence that keeps the dog from running out onto the road.


It’s a very simple, three-sided structure made of corrugated iron held in place with star pickets. Star pickets are those black metal posts you can see. They’re kind of ubiquitous in Australia.

Back to the compost bin, I’ve left the front open to make it easier to wheelbarrow grass clippings inside. The hardest part of the whole project was banging the star pickets into the ground. As anyone who’s every tried to dig a hole in Warrandyte will know, the soil is mostly clay and shale. Not the easist soil to dig.

Luckily the editing is going really well so I’ll leave you with a track from ‘Sun’ by Thomas Bergersen [of Two Steps From Hell fame]. It’s called ‘Cry’.




Trailer Music – the sneaky classics [2]

I began these posts by looking at my own journey towards Trailer Music, but I was a devotee already. The true surprise is that a whole generation of young gamers and Youtubers have learned to love classical musical without even knowing it. Hence the title of this post.

Of course, the young don’t call Trailer Music ‘classical’. No, to them this music is ‘epic’, ’emotional’, and ‘stirring’ but not at all highbrow. And let’s be honest, if I didn’t tell you that the following video clip is Trailer Music, would you know it’s not one of the ‘classics’?

Or what about this one?

Just for the record, Two Steps From Hell is a production company created by composers Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. People loved their music so much, they were eventually forced to publish their own albums. This is what I call music for the common man [and woman]. 😀

And now I’m due for a break. I’ve been editing Innerscape, Episode 2 all day and it’s time to go out and pull some weeds.



#amlistening to Gift of Life by Thomas Bergersen

I’m on a roll with Innerscape today so I thought you might like to share the music that’s fueling the writing :

The song is ‘Gift of Life’ and it’s from the Album ‘Illusions’ by Thomas Bergersen. For those who don’t know this incredibly talented composer, he’s one half of the amazing duo behind the music of Two Steps From Hell.

If you’re not a classical music fan please be patient until about 1:20. That is when the theme kicks in and it is GLORIOUS!

Vaguely [very vaguely] reminiscent of Massenet’s Meditation deThais :

[Just by the by…the conductor is my favourite tenor of all time – Placido Domingo!]

and Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings [used in the movie Lorenzo’s Oil] :

the theme from Gift of Life is intensely emotional yet uplifting at the same time.

Okay, back to work,



#Music to write by and give away?

This is what I’m writing to at the moment:

Evolicity comes from an album called ‘XII’ by Roger Subirana, a brilliant, self-taught Spanish composer.

I stumbled onto Subirana’s music via Jo Blankenburg via Thomas Bergersen [from Two Steps From Hell] via Soundcloud.

Just as an aside, I’ve discovered more music via Soundcloud in the last few months than I did in all the time I used to spend on Youtube. That said, I still go to Youtube to find most of the trailers and video clips I post here. -shrug-

Getting back to composers, Subirana is the latest in a growing line of composers who have played a vital part in the making of Innerscape. I know I’ve been writing about Miira for a very long time, but still, look at the list of composers I’ve listened to since November, 2012:

  • Jo Blankenburg [4 albums and some unpublished songs]
  • Thomas Bergersen [1 album, Two Steps From Hell]
  • Danail Getz [1 album, Audiomachine]
  • Roger Subirana [1 album]

Seven albums plus, and all by composers who are relatively unknown to the general public. I don’t know if all of those composers are Indies, or started out as Indies, but I suspect that many did, and that got me thinking about the type of marketing open to Indies in general and me in particular. Should I pay some huge corporation more money than I can afford, for advertising that probably won’t do much for the visibility of Innerscape anyway? Or could I do something a little different and use Innerscape to promote the music I love?

Honestly, that decision was a no-brainer. When Innerscape is ready to go, I will be giving away some of the music that gives the story soul. How I do that, however, still has me scratching my head as I want it to be fun as well as effective.

If you like any of the writing music I’ve posted on this blog, would you:

  1. like to receive it as part of some kind of promotion?
  2. would you prefer a promotion that used a random names-in-hat type approach?
  3. or would you prefer some kind of competition with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize giveaways?
  4. assuming you ‘won’, would you be happy with me selecting the music on the basis of its relevance to Innerscape? That is, more of Jo Blankenburg and less of everyone else?
  5. Or would you prefer to be given a choice as to which composer/music you receive?
  6. As I would have to gift you the music via email, would you mind having your email address added to my [non-existent] newsletter?

Of all the questions, I found #6 to be the most vexatious. At a rational level, I understand the value of having a ‘captive audience’ of subscribers to send advertising material to, but at a gut level I also know that newsletters often induce anger rather than interest. And I really, really don’t want to do that to anyone who reads my stories. 😦

One alternative that does tempt me is to ask people to ‘Follow’ me on Amazon instead of signing up for a newsletter. The ‘Follow’ feature is something I use myself, and so far at least, I haven’t found it to be intrusive or annoying. Plus another benefit of using Amazon instead of a newsletter is that I wouldn’t have to worry about what to write in a newsletter – all the interesting stuff in my life already ends up on my blog.

So what do you think? Am I on the right track or way off base? Given how little real experience I have of marketing, any thoughts really would be appreciated.






Empire of Angels [from Two Steps From Hell]

I have loved the music of Two Steps from Hell for a few years now, and it was perfect for the soundtrack to Vokhtah, but for Innerscape I needed something softer and more romantic. Enter Jo Blankenburg and the start of another love affair with music.

Unfortunately, as the mood of a story changes, so must the music that underscores it. That is why this latest phase of the Innerscape story [yes, I’m at it again] sent me hunting for new music, and I found it right here:

The composer, Thomas Bergersen, is actually one half of the music writing superteam of Two Steps From Hell, but in this solo album he lets his softer, more romantic side loose, and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, there is even a track in 3/4 time [waltz time]. As soon as I heard that track I knew this new album was for me.

I hope you like it as much as I do. 🙂


Archangel – wild, wonderful music

I am having a truly wonderful day so I thought I’d do something I’ve never done before – share a piece of music :

I discovered Archangel yesterday while voting on a book trailer at Indies Unlimited. The background music to the trailer was Archangel and I fell in love with it on the spot, so much so that I had to find out who wrote it. I was astounded to learn that ‘Two Steps From Hell’ is not a band, it is the name of a production company started by two guys who found a way to fuse their love of music with a brilliant business model. Basically Thomas Bergersen [the one who does most of the composing] and Nick Phoenix make music for trailers, games and even movies. People loved their music so much that the company recently released two albums for the public. I’ve already bought one and it is so good I’m going to buy everything they release from here on in.

Music has always been important in my life but since I started writing fiction it has become as necessary as breathing. I’ve discovered that certain kinds of music break the link between my straitlaced technical writer mind and the dreamy, creative, anything goes person hiding inside. I started listening to Andrea Bocelli [who sings in Italian, a language I can’t speak] but as the years rolled by I literally went through all my CDs looking for music that stirred me in that special way. I’ve written to the sound of opera, orchestral, movie soundtracks and the soundtracks to games. The only music I can’t write to is English vocals. If I can understand it I can’t use it 😦

Now, thanks to TSFH I have amazing music to listen to again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Turn it up and set your mind free 🙂

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