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What the hell, Amazon? Update

Firstly, thank you to everyone who checked their Amazon accounts to see if my paperbacks were available. Your feedback has helped me narrow down some possible answers – i.e. that the problem has something to do with my use of Ingram Spark for countries not covered by the Amazon marketplaces. I’ve sent an email off to KDP support outlining what the problem is and what we’ve ‘found’. I’ll keep you posted about the outcome.

And while I was messing around with my KDP dashboard, I came across a new, beta version of the Reports. I rarely used them in the past because they were so…useless. I’m thrilled to say that the new, beta version is MUCH better.

As I was tootling around the beta version, I discovered that I’ve earned roughly $15 AUD from sales in Australia! That really surprised me. It also made me dance with joy because it was so unexpected. I do have online friends from Australia, but I just didn’t think they’d be buying.

Okay, okay, I never think anyone is buying. That is more of my upbringing at work, and it’s not helped by the fact that Amazon US will only pay me when, or if, my total sales reach $100. So far I’ve only had one payment that passed that threshold so it’s not all my fault.

I’ve often wondered what happens to that residue if you unpublish with Amazon. Or die. Or never reach $100. Are they allowed to keep those funds, however small, forever? Hopefully one day, Amazon will change its payment system so we can be paid via Paypal or something. Ah well.

Anyway, thank you for all your help, and an extra thank you to the Aussies who’ve taken a chance on my stories. 🙂


WordPress! What are you doing to me?

Dear WordPress Boffins,

I understand you have to maintain the system, and introduce new features etc, etc., but some of the unintended consequences are really annoying! Like not being able to look at my comments for three days.

Then this morning I pressed the comments notification icon, and lo and behold, my comments were back! I thought the problem, whatever it was, was fixed, but tonight at 8 pm it was back :


What you are looking at is a connection that never connects.

But wait, there’s more. Something similar happens with the quick post feature. I can create a new post without any problems, however when I try to save the draft, or preview the post, I get this :

quick post problem

You guessed it, the never-ending connection again.

By contrast, everything on the old dashboard works just fine.

Now comes the interesting part. I use the Opera browser, and it is very strict with html, so I thought I’d try my blog using IE, which I loathe. And lo, comments work again, which tells me there is something wrong with the WP code, because IE is notoriously slack.

I can’t believe you would optimize your code just for IE! Please do something to fix this situation because it’s becoming unbearable.

Yours most unhappily,


Newtown-Sandy Hook Anniversary

A post by Kenneth W. Cain reminded me that it’s been almost a year since the Sandy Hook massacre.

At the time, I thought the face of that traumatised child would be etched in my memory forever. I promised not to forget.

I did forget though, and I feel ashamed that the small distractions of everyday life could push the horrible deaths of so many children [and adults] out of my mind.

Author Kenneth W. Cain is giving all his children’s books away for free until the end of the year in memory of Sandy Hook. I can only manage 5 days via Amazon, but it’s better than nothing. And perhaps if other authors do the same, our combined efforts may raise awareness of this tragedy again.

But awareness is not enough. My hope is that people who download these free books will use that awareness to donate something to Sandy Hook. It doesn’t have to be much. $1 per person per many persons can add up to a sizable amount.

Where to donate though?

That was a question that troubled me, especially after I did some googling and discovered that there have been some scam artists taking advantage of people’s generosity.

My research showed that there is legislation in progress? to ensure emergency/disaster donations go to where they are supposed to go – i.e. to the people who need the support. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any specific links for donations. However, I did find information on the largest, and apparently most reputable group – Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation.

I sent them this email :

Coming up to the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy I, and some of my friends would like to donate to the ongoing support of those affected. Please advise how we can do this.

Andrea Flory

As soon as I get a reply I’ll post an update, and hopefully a link to a donation site. Once I have that, I’ll be putting both my books up for free on Amazon…and keeping my promise not to forget.

Nothing I can do will ease the pain of the bereaved families this Christmas, but a little love never goes astray.


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