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Ella Fitzgerald – Summertime

Sunday morning, a second cup of coffee …and this :

Thank you, Pinky. 🙂

‘Summertime’ on a dreary Monday Downunder

I have always loved Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, in particular the song ‘Summertime’, so I was thrilled when I found this delightful jazz version in my inbox.

The artist [on flute] is an Indie musician and composer by the name of Hannah Sterry.

Hannah is multi talented, and I know she will achieve great success and recognition, eventually. For now though, she is like all of us Indies – struggling to be heard.

If you enjoy this video clip as much as I did, please visit Hannah’s website and check out some of the tracks she has composed herself. Go Hannah!

And while I’m on the subject of talented Indies, I recently stumbled on a very talent young photographer by the name of Leanne Cole. Leanne is an Aussie like me, and I was gobsmacked by the surreal beauty of the photos she took right here in Victoria [my home state].

When I look out my window I see grey skies threatening rain, and everything looks dull and washed out. But have a look at what can be achieved when you have an artist holding the camera!

Royal Botanical Gardens, Cranbourne, Victoria

Despite having lived in Victoria most of my life, I did not even know there was a Botanical Garden in Cranbourne!

Happy Monday to you all,


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