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Survey : Only 1.52% of readers like science fiction

Q4 What is your favorite genre of fiction?
Mystery: 4.81%
Thriller: 1.97%
Romance: 81.02%
Science Fiction: 1.52%
Other: 10.67%

Those results come from a survey of 2,951 readers taken by Marie Force
[New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author]. As Marie Force is a Contemporary Romance writer, and would attract a lot of romance readers to her blog – and hence the survey – the results are not exactly unbiased. But they are still disturbing if you don’t write romance.

Not surprisingly, the most popular genre was Romance, and the most popular retailer was Amazon, however some of the other results were real eye-openers, at least for me. Apparently Twitter is not a very useful way to promote our books. The crown for marketing goes to Facebook. -sigh-

If you’re an indie author like me, you might want to read the whole article, especially the specific questions and answers, as that is where you will find the most relevant information for your own genre.  Taken with a small grain of salt, this is a great resource, and I highly recommend it.

You can find the complete article here :


Now I’m going to go cry in my coffee. 1.52%? Talk about feeling unloved. 😦



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