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Apologies all, I may have got my timezones a bit mixed. Just checked on Amazon and The Vintage Egg is already free. I thought it wouldn’t go free until later this evening. 😦

I’ve listed the urls of the amazon websites I know:

Amazon.com [US]

Amazon.co.uk [UK]

Amazon.com.au [Australia]

Amazon.ca [Canada]

Amazon.in [India]

If you’re trying to find the Egg from somewhere else, please type ‘The Vintage Egg acflory’ in your amazon search box. That should take you to the Egg.

Sorry this is a bit late. Please grab a copy before the Egg stops being free on March 6th. lol I feel like asking whether you want it hard boiled or fried. 😉


And one more for The Egg!

The Vintage Egg is my one and only foray into short stories, and it just received a fabulous 5/5 star review:

acflory writes some great sci-fi, and though I’ve read her novels, this was my first experience with her short stories. Her imagination and polished writing skills never disappoint, and these six stories are original and entertaining. My favorite tale was broken into two parts—The Vintage Egg and Egg Run—which bookend the other offerings. I also thoroughly enjoyed The Christmas Roast. I read this collection in under an hour and highly recommend it. A great peek at acflory’s writing talent.

I’m happy-dancing my way to the kitchen now for some lunch. Have a great day or evening. 🙂


Ani’s Advent stories – my Christmas Roast

Apologies in advance but the timezone differences always trip me up. I hope I’m still in time to point you towards Sue Vincent’s blog where Ani [the 2nd cutest dog in the world] is hosting a different Christmas related story each day. Hence the ‘Advent’ theme. 🙂

Today, it’s my turn and Ani very kindly agreed to host my sci-fi short story – The Christmas Roast. You can find it here:

Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Just chilling with a story from A. C. Flory

Huge hugs to both Sue and Ani. I’ve enjoyed the Advent stories others have told and I hope everyone enjoys mine!


Laurie Boris – In the Name of Love

laurie boris in the name of loveLaurie Boris should need no introduction, not on this blog, but for those few who haven’t heard me rave about her writing, you can find my reviews here, here and here.

For everyone else, Laurie’s latest book is a collection of ‘short and shorter stories’ on the theme of love.

I’ve only just bought ‘In the Name of Love’ so this is not a review, but I know Laurie’s writing will be wonderful so I’ll recommend it anyway. Besides, at 99c, how on earth could you not enjoy it?

Go on, click on the cover and it will take you straight to Amazon. 🙂



A great brew of flash fiction

I had a look at the Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction contenders for this week – and they made me smile!

The theme is sci-fi so of course I loved it, but so, apparently did a heap of very talented writers [no, I did NOT enter this one] who came up with some really interesting variations on the theme.

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit down and enjoy some great, very shot fiction. And you can vote for your favourite too. 🙂




The Queen of twist

Candy Korman is best known for her Monster novellas, but she is also a highly talented short story writer, and her stories always have a twist at the end. I’ve read quite a few of them now, so I know what to expect, yet the twists still take me by surprise.

I particularly enjoyed this one, so I thought I’d be nice and share. 🙂


Immortal Stranger

by Candy Korman

Very early in her life, Sonia began to entertain the notion of her immortality. When she was five, she received news that she took as a definitive confirmation. Her mother, then unexpectedly pregnant, told Sonia that she was adopted.

“We chose you, Sonia. You were a tiny, little baby and we picked you to be our daughter.”

The speech had the feel of something that had been rehearsed before a mirror many times. Her mother also seemed to expect a number of questions about the new baby, the origins of babies in general and about the nature of family. But Sonia only smiled. As far as she was concerned this simply added credence to her observations. She was not like her parents. She was smarter, braver, more important and definitely immortal. At this point, she wasn’t sure how to define her condition. Was she a creature from a fairy tale? Perhaps. Or an alien spawn from a movie on TV? Either way, she was an immortal stranger lodging with this human family.

When Jared was born, Sonia became a devoted older sister. She felt that she had to protect him and guide him. The extended family was very impressed by this. They’d expected some form of extreme sibling resentment, if not outright rivalry. As Bette, Sonia and Jared’s mother, was 46 and their father, Ben, was 45 when Jared was born there was chatter about the difference between accidents and surprises.

Grandma Anne, Bette’s mother, was appalled by the perimenopausal pregnancy. She continued to dote on Sonia, but was always a bit cool toward Jared. In this, she was not alone. Jared was a difficult child.; he was intelligent, but socially awkward; large and strong, but uncoordinated. This disturbed his sports-loving father. Jared bit another kindergartener during playtime, wet the bed until he was eight, was caught snooping in his grandmother’s medicine cabinet at nine, and walked in his sleep. Sonia was his only friend. Even the family’s cat didn’t like him. Fluffy slept in Sonia’s room and hid under her bed if Jared visited…


The link to the rest of the story, and the twist at the end, is below. Enjoy!




p.s. While you’re visiting Candy’s new website, have a look at some of the other goodies you’ll find there. 🙂

Gruel, and The Vintage Egg

I love being one of the Indies Unlimited minions…ah, I mean team members. 😉 Not only are the other members fantastic people, and extraordinary writers, the gruel is pretty good too. You might want to bring your own sugar and milk though. Oh and a bowl… and a spoon… and maybe a bib…

Ahem, I digress. I’m pleased to announce that The Vintage Egg is now featured on the Indies Unlimited website, and a pic of the cover is on the sidebar too. Happy, happy.


Thanks, and a big hug to Kat Brooks, and the Evil Mastermind from a very happy minion.



The EGG has landed!

Massive hugs to Metan for letting me know The Vintage Egg is up on Amazon! After all that angst the nice tech people came through. Thank you Metan and thank you tech people at Amazon. 🙂

Now, you can find the Egg here :



No, this is not reverse psychology. I intend to use KDP Select to make the EGG free for 5 days starting tomorrow. So please, just wait a little.

Okay, that felt really weird. It’s not as if I’m a David Jones sale and hordes of people are camped outside,  waiting for the doors to open. The whole ‘please wait’ bit is so I can give you guys something for free, as a thank you. Thank you for the feedback on the cover, and thank you for encouraging me the last couple of days. And thank you just because. 😀



When one door closes another opens

I received another email from Amazon support this morning :

“We’ll contact you with more information by the end of the day on Friday, August the 2nd.”


Assuming Amazon tech support do find the problem, and fix it in that time frame, the Egg will now be released on the Kindle two days after I start my new course [the Cert IV in Training]. That means my marketing campaign for the Egg is up in smoke. Ass I’m a serial monogamist – i.e. I can only focus on one major thing at a time – once the course begins, everything else will take a backseat.

I will do some marketing of course, but most of my spare time and energy will be devoted to keeping my blog alive, and continuing with my writing.

Is fate trying to tell me something?


If it is, I can’t seem to decode the message.

But all is not gloom and doom. As The Daughter is away, and I’m at a loose end this weekend, I’ve decided to spend my time working out how to publish to the Kobo. If I’m successful, the Egg may start its life in Canada. [The Kobo e-reader is manufactured by a Canadian company, and is very popular there].

The reason I chose the Kobo for my next foray into e-readers was because I’ve been reading some good things about its development, and I think it will be an interesting player in the market once the Nook is phased out [plus I found a very detailed how-to guide which always helps].

If the Kobo experiment works, I may bite the bullet and set my sights on The Meatgrinder next.

For the non-Indies out there, The Meatgrinder is the quasi affectionate name given to the Smashwords program. It’s reputed to be a beast, and I’ve circled it warily for over a year, never quite daring to give it a go.

So there you have it – a disappointing outcome with positive highlights. Wish me luck!


p.s. This is my 341st post. Just 24 more and I’ll have 365! It’s taken me almost two years to get to this point, but I’m going to celebrate anyway. More on that later.

And the winner is…. The Vintage Egg!

vintage egg FINAL

Thank you to everyone who responded to my call for help on the new cover!

As you can see, ‘The Vintage Egg’ was your favourite title, but only by 9 votes to 6. I looked at those numbers and realised ‘Postcards from Tomorrow’ would be great as the title of a series, so that’s what I’ve done.

For the moment, a series of short story books is more aspirational than anything else, but I like the idea. 🙂

I’ve also fixed the layers issue I was having, and now the graphic shows the cockpit cover as it was meant to. Phew.

Finally, I took note of the comments about the readability of the small text, and changed the font. I realise this still won’t show up on the normal Amazon book list, but should work on the ‘look inside’… assuming anyone gets that far.

Thanks to all your feedback I believe this cover is now done! And I have to say I’m proud of it. Very proud. I’m also very touched at all the support you guys have given me. David, Ilil, Metan and EllaDee did a superb job as beta readers, [and proofreaders as well!] and all of you helped make the cover an order of magnitude more professional than it would otherwise have been.

Thank you. I love you all.


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