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Two of my favourite authors

I’ve written about fellow science fiction writer Jason Phillip Reeser here and here, and of course, David Gaughran needs no introduction, so I’m thrilled to tell you they both have new books out. 🙂

Kiss of the Lazaretto is the third, and final book in the Lazaretto series, and I can hardly wait to start reading it.

lazaretto 3 kiss

Mercenary is “.. the story of the USA’s most famous soldier of fortune: the hard-drinking drifter who changed the fate of a nation.”

I quite enjoy historical fiction so I’m looking forward to reading this one too, however the reason I’ve included it today is that David Gaughran is doing something very innovative with the book launch. Instead of making one of his earlier works free or 99c – as a launch promotion – he is making the new book 99c for a couple of days!

mercenary pic

As David is always coming up with new ways to help us Indie authors [see Let’s Get Digital, Let’s Get Visible] I’m sure he’ll share the results of his latest experiment with us once the facts are in.

For those in Australia who are enjoying having Monday off – happy Monday! For everyone else, happy weekend, what’s left of it. 🙂



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