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Innerscape promotion – change of plan for Episode 2

Innerscape, Episode 2 goes live tomorrow – November 21, 2016 – and there will still be a competition, but it won’t be based around music. Instead, I’ll be offering one lucky person a $20 Amazon gift voucher as the prize for the next competition.

For those who missed my outraged tweets, I made a most unpleasant discovery when I logged on to Amazon.com to send David and Honie their prizes [for the Episode 1 competition]. Apparently, Australians cannot buy, or even gift, MP3 music albums from Amazon.com. I have absolutely no idea why my country faces such a restriction, but there it is. As a result, I had to do a last minute switcheroo and send the winners gift cards instead of the promised music.

In some ways, this snafu with Amazon may turn out to be a good thing; just because I love a certain kind of music doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to love the same music. A gift voucher, however, is a more flexible prize as the winner can choose their own reward.

I like the word ‘flexible’ so I’m going to try to be flexible in other ways as well. Starting with Episode 2, I’ll be posting the ‘Look Inside’ right in the blog to make it easier to read… and to tempt people to enter the competition. See how flexible I am?

One thing that hasn’t changed is the free download period. Episode 2 will be free for five days as well. At the end of that time it will revert to 0.99 cents until the last episode is published.

And now for some more music. This time, Heart of Courage from the Invincible album by Two Steps From Hell:

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