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Saving the planet, one innovation at a time

This is a video of a new process that turns waste plastic into one of the components used in road building:

This is what I call innovation. 🙂

cheers Meeks

p.s. Apologies but the Createspace article was pushed onto the backburner today. Manana?

Vertical Farming, now and into the future

The key concept in the following video is that cities can become food producers instead of just food consumers…via vertical farming. But what is vertical farming? Is it the kind of inner city, urban farming that happened in Havana [Cuba]? Or is it ‘just’ hydroponics farming? Or is it something more?

The examples of vertical farming begin at about 11 minutes into this 13 minute video. Well worth the investment in time.

My thanks to A.C. Stark for introducing me to both the video and the concept of vertical farming. A.C. Stark’s site is full of interesting posts that range from politics to climate change.



Old companies recycling their business models and making a profit

As a writer, I’m bombarded every day by news stories about the Big Five publishing companies, and how they seem to be incapable of changing with the times and embracing the new world order. Well as a nice change, here’s an article about Renault, IBM and some other old, established companies completely changing how they do business.


These companies are embracing a circular manufacturing model in which they re-use, recycle, re-purpose and re-design their products to use less of everything. And the money’s rolling in.

All I can say is ‘Bravo!’



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