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Update on WordPress problem using Opera browser

After posting about the problem I have been having accessing comments on WordPress [here], I decided to do some sleuthing online. I went from link to link until I finally found a forum talking about an unrelated issue some people were having with WordPress and Opera.

One of the possible solutions posted on this forum was to clear the Opera ‘error console’. Now despite having used Opera forĀ years, this was the first I’d heard of an error console. Nonetheless, I went searching and finally found it. I was shocked to see masses of error messages. Taking a deep breath, I deleted them all. Then I logged into WordPress and clicked on the comment notifications icon…

BINGO! I now have comments again!

Before I do a quick walkthrough for others having the same problem, here is some background. Right from the word go, Opera has been notorious for sticking to the HTML and CSS standards. You’d think that would be a good thing, right? Well the reality is a wishy washy ‘yes and no’. The problem is that few sites are as compliant as Opera. This leads to errors, and apparently, the build up of errors within the error console can lead to snafus like the one that’s plagued me.

Okay, enough theory. If you use Opera and WordPress, and you are having problems with the way Opera displays WordPress, here is a possible solution :

1. Go to the Opera tool bar and click Tools/Advanced/Error Console [as shown below]

Wordpress problem with Opera 1

2. Click the first error message in the list and hold down the SHIFT key. Now click the last error message in the list. All the messages should now be highlighted.

3. Click the CLEAR button at the bottom of the page [as shown below]

Wordpress problem with Opera 2

And that’s it. I was wrong, there is one more small step. After clearing the error console, you will have to close Opera to get the changes to take effect. I discovered this today when I found my comments gone again. [4/2/2014]

Those of a nerdy nature might be interested to look at the error messages before deleting them. Most have to do with HTML or CSS issues. That said, I have been using WordPress and Opera together for a couple of years now, and this problem has only cropped up a couple of times. The first time, I just had to suffer until ‘something’ changed again and my comments returned. At least now I’m back in control of my apps. Unfortunately, until WordPress cleans up its code, this problem with Opera is likely to happen again. -sigh-

[Note : the problem did happen again, after just one day of use. Luckily clearing the error console and closing Opera did the trick].

Happy blogging,


WordPress! What are you doing to me?

Dear WordPress Boffins,

I understand you have to maintain the system, and introduce new features etc, etc., but some of the unintended consequences are really annoying! Like not being able to look at my comments for three days.

Then this morning I pressed the comments notification icon, and lo and behold, my comments were back! I thought the problem, whatever it was, was fixed, but tonight at 8 pm it was back :


What you are looking at is a connection that never connects.

But wait, there’s more. Something similar happens with the quick post feature. I can create a new post without any problems, however when I try to save the draft, or preview the post, I get this :

quick post problem

You guessed it, the never-ending connection again.

By contrast, everything on the old dashboard works just fine.

Now comes the interesting part. I use the Opera browser, and it is very strict with html, so I thought I’d try my blog using IE, which I loathe. And lo, comments work again, which tells me there is something wrong with the WP code, because IE is notoriously slack.

I can’t believe you would optimize your code just for IE! Please do something to fix this situation because it’s becoming unbearable.

Yours most unhappily,


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