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Boring pictures from a lazy blogger

Apologies for being so slack lately. I have had an attack of domestic 20/20 vision…and what I saw was not pretty. I have people coming over for Christmas Eve dinner, and suddenly the dirty windows, clutter, dust, muddy paw prints, dust bunnies etc etc etc. sent me into a panic of cleaning. Sadly, the more I do, the more mess I see. With the clock ticking, I’ve had no energy left over for writing.

Anyway, I thought you might like to see some pics I took from the outside.

big pond drain 1

This is a drain I dug around my big[ger] fish pond to stop sediment washing in during heavy rains.

big pond drain 2

This is the same drain half filled in. Down the bottom of the drain is a flexible, black plastic agricultural pipe [aggi pipe in the local parlance]. It connects to a drainage layer protecting the retaining wall at the top of the pic. On top of the pipe is a thick layer of scoria, and on top of that are the beautiful river pebbles.

2 pond pic

Tah Dah – the ‘after’ picture. If you look carefully you can see the second, small pond I finished putting in less than a week ago. No fish in this one, just water lilies, although I’m sure the frogs claiming the big pond will soon migrate over. 🙂

pool pond and alpaca

The two ponds featuring in the previous pic are tucked in behind the retaining wall you can see in the fore front. One of the alpacas decided to get in on the photo shoot. Behind, and to the left of the alpaca is a section of the Clark pool that isn’t hidden by the pool fence. The small, bright blue thingie hard up against the house is my greywater tank. Water from the laundry and the shower is plumbed into the tank. The greywater usually flows straight through to the terraced area in the middle of the picture. During high fire danger days I close the tap off so the greywater fills the tank and becomes another source of firefighting water.

wine cellar 1

This is my, um… wine cellar. -cough- It looks a bit like an igloo and the whole structure is buried into the hillside.

wine cellar 2

This is an inside shot of the wine cellar showing the inner doorway and the yellow ladder leading down [about 1/2 a metre] into the main area.

wine cellar 3

Last but not least, this is a shot of the cellar with its protective covering of soil and rocks. The plants directly around the cellar are all succulents. The black plastic water tank in the background belongs to my neighbour.

Okay, I think that’s probably enough photography for one day. I’ll try and take some pics of the inside of the house before it degenerates into its normal, comfortable clutter again. Until then, do what I say, not what I do, and have a relaxing weekend. 😉



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