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Authors – were you satisfied with the quality of IngramSpark printing [in Australia]?

In the world of self-publishing, and small press publishing, CreateSpace, KDP and Lulu all offer printed proofs at cost price. These printed proofs equate to quality control. As the author, you get to check your own work and the quality of the printer’s product before approving the book for sale.

I learned the value of printed proofs with the paperback version of Vokhtah. Onscreen, the cover looked fantastic. Once it was printed, [by Lulu and KDP] I discovered that the cover was so dark, most of the fine detail was lost.

The reason for this discrepancy is that computer screens use RGB colour mode – i.e. digital colour – while printers use CMYK, and the two are not exactly the same. Added to that, the calibration of the computer screen may be off, all of which can result in a pretty dreadful end product. But I would not have known about those problems if I had not seen real, physical, printed proofs of Vokhtah.

IngramSpark, however, does not offer printed proofs. As I discovered today, I can order printed copies at cost, but only after approving my book[s]. And guess what? After I approve a book, any changes, any changes at all, will cost me $25 AUD a pop.

To highlight the enormity of this…’policy’ by IngramSpark, Vokhtah would have cost me a minimum of $75 in review fees, just to get the cover printed properly.

Do other Indies take pot luck with IngramSpark? Or do they fork out review fees without protest? Or is this one reason why most Indies use CreateSpace, KDP and Lulu to print their books?

Having tried all three, I was hoping that IngramSpark Australia would save me a boatload of money on shipping costs. Now, I’m not sure what to do.

Should I use CreateSpace or KDP to get the covers right and then print with IngramSpark?

I could, but that would still be a gamble as there’s no guarantee the IngramSpark POD facilities produce an equivalent product.

Has anybody out there had experience with IngramSpark Australia, in terms of quality? Would you recomment them?

If you can share your experiences in the poll below, I’d really appreciate it as I hate the thought of buying something sight unseen. 😦

Were you satisfied with the quality of the paperback printed by IngramSpark Australia?


Do you like sci-fi? [definition updated!]

voting picThanks Laurie! Laurie Boris has just pointed out that I’ve left my definition of sci-fi rather vague. I’m not talking about hardcore sci-fi here. That’s the kind of sci-fi that is almost exclusively about the tech.  Even I’m not that enamoured of the hardcore stuff.

No, the sci-fi I’m talking about is more social? philosophical? Well rounded?

Sci-fi like Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, or Frank Herbert’s Dune, or Ursula K. LeGuin’s Left Hand of Darkness, or C.J.Cherryh’s Cyteen, or Tad William’s Otherland, or William Gibson’s Neuromancer, or … -slaps self-

Apologies, I got a little carried away there. Those are all my favourites, but many also won Hugo Awards so I know other people appreciated them as well. Anyway, when I talk about sci-fi I’m talking about novels with… more than just tech. 🙂

You may now read on!

I’ll get straight to the point – I’m trying to find out how many of my visitors like science fiction. Not my science fiction, just science fiction in general.

WordPress.com doesn’t have a widget for a proper poll so I thought I’d borrow Amazon’s 5 star rating system for comments.  I love science fiction so my vote would have to be 5/5.  Someone who really didn’t like science fiction at all would vote  1/5.

I know this rating system is far too crude for any real information gathering so please feel free to express yourselves in words as well! Just put a number at the top of the comment first. 😉

This informal poll is going to run for a week so everyone gets a chance to vote,  but I will put a running total in the sidebar, updated every night. [Australian time so that’s morning? for everyone else].

Oh and don’t worry, I’m not planning on changing the content of my blog. I like it eclectic and that’s the way it’s going to stay. However the results may change my outlook on any blog tours I do in the future.  I haven’t done any, yet, but I have a strong suspicion they are only effective when the blog hops are relevant to your content.

So please have your say in comments!



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