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Sci-fi results updated

Three bloggers voted 5/5 to the question – “Do you like sci-fi?” over the last two days and I’ve finally updated the graphs to reflect their votes. As you can see on the sidebar to the right, fully 50% of voters now fall into the ‘love sci-fi’ category. I have a big grin  on my face.

Now, I will continue to update the graphs for another 4 days so it’s not too  late to vote! Unfortunately I won’t be doing too much of anything else as I’m on a real roll with my writing at the moment. The lovely cool weather, and lack of fire related stress is really conducive to creativity! And I’ve missed that, badly. So I’m writing like crazy and hope you’ll forgive me if my posts are a little lacklustre.

When the warmer weather returns later on in the week I will try to catch up with some reviews. Until then I bid thee all a fond goodnight. 🙂



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