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Fridge pic blog carnival

I was chatting with Bluey [from Bluebird Blvd] recently and the conversation turned to fridge doors and what we put on them – you know, fridge magnets, shopping lists, emergency numbers etc. We discovered that we both use the fridge door as an aid to memory so we thought it might be fun to swap pictures of what’s on our fridge door.

And that lead to the idea of having a ‘fridge pic blog carnival’ [Bluey’s idea] where people could post a picture of their fridge door, with maybe an explanation of what that door says about them. The fun part would be in finding out what other people think our fridge doors say about us 😀

So what does your fridge door say about you? Come join the fun and let’s give Pinterest some competition!

The first pic is a not so great picture of my fridge. The second is an even worse one of what’s on my fridge. This picture shows a part of my step-by-step bushfire plan and I think it screams ‘Paranoid Wench!’ … but I’m not taking it down because in six months time summer will be back again. 😉

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