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Wednesday update

Yes, it is Wednesday here in lovely, downunder Australia. The sky is overcast but the sun is shining through, in spots. In other words, it’s a typical spring day in the southern part of Oz. When I look out of my office [read broom cupboard] I can see the alpacas gorging themselves on the spring grass. Just for now, the grass is winning as it’s growing faster than the alpacas can chew.

My fruit trees are also doing a wonderful job of embracing spring’s call to go forth and multiply. At last count I have 3 peach trees covered with tiny green fruit, one apricot, one quince, one fig, and if I’m very lucky, maybe one apple as well. This year’s crop of garlic is promising to be twice as lovely and smelly as last year and my deck garden is blooming. The only thing that is looking a little sad is the large pot of watercress – the cats seem to enjoy sitting there. Ah well…

There is growth happening in my digital world as well. My blog for readers – The Books your favourite Authors read – has grown with the welcome addition of Jennifer Scoullar, author of Brumby’s Run. Jennifer is another aussie, like me, and her love for and understanding of this ancient, peculiar land informs every word she writes.

In other news, I’ve just started reading a book called, ‘Hello, My Name is Cancer’. This book is not a novel. I wish it were. Instead it is the very real story of Lady Julia Prosser [wife of Lord David Prosser of My Barsetshire Diary fame’]. Anyone who has read any of Lord David’s books will know her as ‘Lady J’. I’ve never met Lady J but I feel as if I know her. She is feisty, witty, an animal lover – especially when it comes to horses – and she is one of the bravest people I have ever come across.

Lady J has pancreatic cancer but her book is inspiration rather than gloom because she talks with great courage about how to live with this deadly cancer.

A couple of years ago I had a brush with cancer myself, a very treatable cancer and I’m 99.9% sure it won’t get me. But that little bit of fear is always there. It’s not something I talk about because, like Lady J, I am more concerned with life than with the possibility of death. After all, none of us have any written guarantees that we won’t be run down by a bus or suffer any one of the many possible accidents that life can throw at us. So living is what matters. Each day. Every day. As well as we can, and with as much kindness and generosity as we can muster.

So, to anyone who has poor health of any sort, I say read Lady J’s book, and let yourself live. It really is a wonderful world out there people. 🙂




How to send money using Paypal

Many years ago the only way you could send money overseas was by telegraphic transfer and even with e-banking it was a convoluted process involving scary things like SWIFT codes. It was also expensive as each transaction cost about $20. Today I’ve discovered a cheaper and easier way using the Paypal ‘Send Money’ feature.

I love sharing information so I thought I’d do a step-by-step tutorial for anyone else not familiar with the process. And if you are one of those wonderful people who would like to donate to the Pennant Park Project that I posted about yesterday, then this is for you as well!

[Note : the following presumes that you have a Paypal account already. If your recipient doesn’t have an account they will be prompted to open one so they can receive the funds.]

Step 1  Log in to Paypal

Step 2  Click on the Send Money tab next to ‘My Account’.

Step 3  Enter the email address of the person you wish to send money to.

Step 4  Enter the amount you wish to send.

Step 5  Click on the small arrow next to the currency box and scroll down until you find the currency you wish to use. [I use Australian dollars so I don’t have to mess around with currency converters. This way Paypal will do the conversion for me.]

Step 6 Near the bottom of the window you will see two tabs : Purchase and Personal. Click on the Personal tab.

Step 7 Click on whichever Personal option you prefer. I chose ‘Other’.

Step 8 Click the orange Continue button.

One last window to complete and you’re done!

Down near the bottom third of this new window is an area called ‘Email to recipient’.

Step 9  Type ‘Pennant Park‘ in the subject line.

This is very important as it will tell your recipient what the funds are for. If you leave the subject line blank your money/donation will still reach your recipient but they may have a hard time knowing it has arrived and there’s nothing worse than having to go through a bank statement line by line.

Add a message if you wish.

Step 10 Click the ‘Send Money‘ button and that’s it, easy peasy!

So next time you want to send someone a gift or to make a donation to a worthy cause all you will need is Paypal and the email address of the recipient. It really couldn’t be any easier. 😀

An achievable dream and a very good cause

Lord David Prosser has been a generous mentor and an all-round good friend to me for some time now so when I read his post this morning I knew exactly what I had to do. This post is about Lord David, his wife Lady Julia and a small, very worthy dream we can bring to life – if all of us work together.

The story begins with Lady Julia – who loves horses and all creatures great and small – and the pancreatic cancer she has been battling for about a year. I’ve never ‘spoken’ to Lady J but I feel as if I know her through Lord David’s books. She is a plucky woman who has continued to follow her dream despite the disease that has been whittling away at her strength.

For Lady J the dream is to keep riding horses for as long as possible but riding with pancreatic cancer requires the kind of support only available at riding schools certified for the disabled. The place where she is riding at the moment is called Pennant Park. I’ll quote Lord David about the problem :

‘We really do need to try and get the arena [at Pennant Park] enclosed and a hoist fitted. Once done they can apply for RDA accreditation and Julia will only have a small distance to travel while she still can, but the place can bring pleasure to untold numbers of disabled people as well.’

Retrofitting Pennant Park will cost 20,000 pounds. That is not a huge sum in the grand scheme of things. It is an achievable dream and one that I support 100%. I hope that some of you will agree that it is a good cause as well.

At the moment Lord David is looking at ways to allow friends and well-wishers to make a donation to the Pennant Park project and as soon as he has that sorted out I’ll write another post with the details of where and how we can make donations.

In the meantime I’m asking you all to spread the word. The most wonderful thing about online communities is that we are less than 6 degrees of separation from everyone else so please, follow this link to Lord David’s blog, read about this gallant fight and do what you can to make Lady Julia’s modest dream come true!

Huge hugs to all of you,


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