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Ammunition is the key!

The news here in Australia has been full of the Sandy Hook tragedy. I thought it couldn’t make me cry any more, but then tonight I watched a ‘talking head’ describing the defensive wounds on the dead children. Defensive wounds on hands and arms where they tried to shield themselves from bullets…

Then there was another segment where so called experts were discussing whether Obama would do something, and if he did, how much success he would likely have. That’s when a sense of hopelessness set in. It lasted until just five minutes ago when I was catching up on some of the blogs I follow. I can across a post by T.M.Mulligan [Becoming not became], that was so fiendishly clever I just had to reblog it.  The gist is in this quote, but please read the whole post because it is awesome.

“So here’s my idea: Treat ammunition for publicly owned firearms in the same manner our society treats prescription drugs. If you want ammunition you need to go to your local police department; there they’ll write you a legal dispense order for thirty rounds only and non-refillable within a thirty day period. The federal government would monitor ammunition shops like they monitor pharmacies.”

Newtown Might Be Anytown.




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