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Music nostaglia – the Indian Love Call

When I was a kid, I was kind of sickly, or at least I convinced my mother that I was, and so I stayed home quite a bit. Thank god I’m too old for truancy officers!

Anyway, what’s a kid to do at home all day but watch TV? This was back in the [19]60’s, and at midday the TV channels always broadcast a midday movie – usually American, and at least 20-30 years old.

The upshot of all those sickies was that I became quite the connoisseur of Hollywood musicals. Top of my list of favourites were the movies starring Jeanette McDonald, a lovely coloratura soprano, and Nelson Edy, a warm tenor. Something about the two of them together was just magical and I still remember those movies with fondness …when I remember them at all.

Lucky for me, my good friend David Prosser is an expert memory-jogger-a, and its him to blame for this post. If he hadn’t mentioned The Indian Love Call in his blog post, I would never have remembered on my own!

So here is a video clip of the Indian Love Call, plus a -cough- few -cough- other childhood favourites. Apologies to the youngies out there. 😀

And then I remembered Mario Lanza… wait till you hear the boy soprano!

Oh how could I forget Deanna Durbin?

But for sheer fun, no one beat Doris Day. Here’s a clip  from the her movie Calamity Jane!

And on that note I bid thee all farewell .:D


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