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NEWSFLASH! StoryBox @ $14.95 until end of nanowrimo 2012

Apologies! I only just found out that the developer, Mark Fassett, had this special on. He is a great developer, but seriously needs to work on his marketing! He doesn’t even have this great deal on his front page, I had to dig to find the direct url for this Nanowrimo 2012 StoryBox special offer.

Or if you prefer to see where you’re going before you go there :


I reviewed StoryBox ages ago and I’m still using it and loving it. I won’t go so far as to say it made me win this year’s nano [although it helped], but it did make getting my thoughts/plot in order easier, and it definitely made posting my excerpts a lot easier.

Now I’m going to shut up so you can grab StoryBox as time is literally running out. Trust me, you do want this software!

Elysium, by Jo Blankenburg – my new nanowrimo music

Today dawned cold, wet and miserable, but it’s getting better because I now have a great new CD to listen to! The CD is Elysium by an ex-pat German composer called Jo Blankenburg.

Never heard of him? Neither had I until about half an hour ago when I went looking for some new, epic music to listen to while I write nano. Nano starts in five days [Australian time] and I didn’t want to use my Two Steps from Hell music because those songs belong to Vokhtah somehow. Perhaps it’s just the way my odd little brain works, but the Two Steps from Hell tracks make me feel that harsh planet and its alien inhabitants better than anything else I have ever listened to before. There are moments of soft-ish music but the general mood is strong, determined and angry, attributes that fit the Vokh, and to a lesser extent the iVokh, very well. For nano however, I will be writing about humans for a change and so I needed music with contrasts of tenderness and the other, softer emotions we humans feel with such abandon. And Elysium gives me that.

Unfortunately buying Elysium in time for nano proved to be a bit trickier than finding it. I generally prefer buying actual, physical music CDs because I’m a bit slack when it comes to backups, and with physical CDs I know I will never lose precious music. This time, however, I just didn’t have the time to wait around for Amazon to send me a CD by snail mail. Instead I took the radical [for me] step of signing up with iTunes and buying Elysium through Apple.

Now I know that most of you will have been on iTunes since its inception, but I have always hated the incestuous nature of Apple products and the restrictions placed on their use. I understand the business model, and it has certainly worked for Apple, but I like the freedom of being able burn my CDs so I can listen to them in the car while I’m driving, and I’m pretty sure iTunes won’t let me do that. It’s been a while since The Daughter tried, so apologies if I’m maligning Apple without cause.

Anyway, my point was simply to show that I am a dinosaur forced into the 21st century by need. So, I signed up for iTunes. I downloaded the client side software, installed it, did all the verification protocols and finally managed to reach the part where I could actually get my music. And then I came face to face with the reality of living in Australia. When I was searching for a CD online, Elysium was touted as costing $9.99. Given the relative standing of the Australian dollar at the moment I was expecting to pay just under $9.99 but no, on iTunes, Elysium was going to cost me $16.00.

I’ll be honest, I did think about giving iTunes the finger and going elsewhere, but by then I had already downloaded and installed all the crap. In a very real sense I was primed for gratification NOW. So I gave in and bought the music, blowing my new, self-imposed budget in the process. -sigh-

Needless to say I will be a lot more organized, and self-disciplined, the next time I decide to buy music online because $16.00 is a bit rich when I could buy the mp3 version of the CD for $5.99 from Amazon… if Amazon would only let Australians buy mp3s.  I don’t know why we are not allowed to buy mp3s but that’s the sad reality. Talk about feeling like a 3rd class world citizen. 😦

I don’t wish to end this post on a sour note however, so I’ve included the Youtube video clip of Elysium for your listening enjoyment. Be warned though – it goes for 30 minutes!



Buddies on NaNoWriMo – a how-to and a list

I finally found out how to add ‘buddies’ on the Nano website but the process is not wildly intuitive – you have to know the handle or nickname of the person you wish to add as a buddy.  You can’t just find each other. So, the purpose of this post is to explain how to add buddies and to start a list of WP bloggers, complete with handles/nicknames, to add as buddies. I’ll update the list every couple of days until the end of October.

Right, to add a buddy on nano, go to the website and login. Once you are in, look at the top, right hand corner of the window. You will see a ‘search’ option. Click on it, and another window will open with a search box. Click inside the search box and type the nickname/handle of the person you wish to add as a buddy. Click the submit button and you should get another screen showing at least one entry. [There may be more depending on how much information your buddy has entered and how many comments they have left on the forums].

Now, click on your buddie’s nickname in the list [the mouse arrow will change to a hand] and you should be taken to yet another screen where you will see the option to add that person as a buddy. Click on the ‘add’ option and that’s it. The whole process is not hard, once you know how to get to it.

And now for that list of names. The only three I can remember off the top of my head are these :

Me : Meeka Flory

SweetMother : Sweetmother

Alex Laybourne : Alex Laybourne

Brother Jon : BroJo

Honie Briggs : HonieBriggs [with that capital ‘B’ in the middle]

Theauthorrwfoster : kholoblicin

If you’d like other WP bloggers to find you on nano, please leave me a note in comments! UPDATE! I’ve created a temporary page called ‘NANO buddy list’ to make people easier to find. This list will stay up until the very end of nano.



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