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Model House and pool

I started out looking at a couple of Tiny Houses, but my attention was hijacked by this…micro house. As in almost microscopic! lol And the pool actually holds water.

Makes me want to dust off my old tools and start making stuff.

Have a great weekend,

Posing…with attitude. :D

I think I’m coming down with something, so I’ve done precious little all day. But sitting doing nothing does have its advantages. I finally managed to rig my little man, and that meant I could pose him. 😀


Night night!

A steampunk submarine?

steampunk submarineI love all things tech, even weird tech, and the star of Candy Korman’s post today is perhaps the weirdest I’ve ever come across.

The Duikboot model was based on the innovative design for a submarine by Antoine Lipkens and built of copper, brass, iron, lead glass and rope by Olke Uhlembeck in 1835/40.’

The steampunk submarine was never built – for obvious reasons – but just the thought of it makes me smile. There’s a picture of it on Candy’s blog and I strongly suggest reading the whole thing:


I hope this makes you smile too. Cheers,


Old companies recycling their business models and making a profit

As a writer, I’m bombarded every day by news stories about the Big Five publishing companies, and how they seem to be incapable of changing with the times and embracing the new world order. Well as a nice change, here’s an article about Renault, IBM and some other old, established companies completely changing how they do business.


These companies are embracing a circular manufacturing model in which they re-use, recycle, re-purpose and re-design their products to use less of everything. And the money’s rolling in.

All I can say is ‘Bravo!’



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