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Alergic to Life – a review

allergic to lifeI’m not plagued by horrible allergies so when my blogging friend Kathryn Chastain Treat launched her book – Allergic to Life – I bought it in a show of solidarity and friendship.

I began reading ‘Allergic to Life’ for all the fantastic information I knew it would contain.

I kept reading ‘Allergic to Life’ because it was one of the best medical thrillers I’ve ever read.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. I did say thriller.

‘Allergic to Life’ traces Kathryn’s descent into nightmare as her body betrays her. It follows her desperate search for answers. It chronicles her battle for justice. And it reveals a woman who simply won’t give up.

Despite knowing some of Kathryn’s life story before I read the book, I found her journey absolutely riveting. And more than a little thought provoking. Over five nights of reading, I would often drift off to sleep wondering if I would have the guts and determination to keep going the way Kathryn did. Some nights the answer was yes, others it was no.

Yet don’t think for a moment that Kathryn has painted herself as some kind of superwoman. The person who emerges from the pages of the book is shown warts and all. She is  you, and she is me. The only difference between us is that Kathryn has had to face trials none of us can even imagine.

How would you feel if you were as sick as a dog, but most of the medical profession refused to believe you? How would you feel if they continued to deny the truth despite reams of proof in the form of countless test results?

Would you get horribly depressed? Kathryn did.

Would you give up? Kathryn didn’t. Her courage and determination are a big part of what makes ‘Allergic to Life’ such a compelling, and uplifting story.

Those who suffer from allergies the way Kathryn does should read ‘Allergic to Life’ for the information, and for a boost when their spirits are flagging. The rest of us should read it because it’s a damned good read. Oh and its beautifully written too. 🙂

Now why don’t you hop over to Kathryn’s blog and take part in her book launch party!



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