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unFeminism and the sticky lock

smiley meekaI don’t consider myself to be a feminist – for a whole host of reasons – but sometimes my unfeminist heart does beat a little faster, and this morning was one of those times. I’d rung a local locksmith to fix my screen door, and who should arrive bright and early but a lady locksmith!

If I sound surprised, it’s not because I think women are incapable of competing with men in traditionally male dominated areas. Far from it. I’ve always known we could do it, I just despaired of ever seeing it.

But change is happening as attitudes amongst women themselves change. Not only was this lady locksmith polite, friendly and very efficient, she was also young and pretty but with a no-nonsense air that said ‘why shouldn’t I be a locksmith if I want to be one?’ And these days, she is not alone. Another young lady doing a blokey job and doing it well is a long time family friend called Holly. After completing a university degree, Holly found her passion in stone, becoming one of a rare few female stone masons here in Melbourne.

I hope that by the time I hit 90 there will be as many female tradies as men because I believe it’s people who matter, not gender. Gender is only one part of what makes up a human being. Important, yes, but not the most important part of what makes us human. To me there are only two types of human beings – those with compassion and those without.




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