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#Kindle #Scammers by David Gaughran & Phoenix Sullivan

angry meekaThis is a must read article for both Indie authors and readers alike.

Why? Because these scammers are gaming the Amazon ranking system, which hurts authors. But by clogging up the Top 100 lists with bullshit books, they’re also:

a) tricking readers into wasting their money or

b) making it even harder for readers to find good books to read.

If you have not been a victim of one of these scammers, you’re lucky. I bought what I thought was a classic Alfred Bester sci-fi novel only to discover it was a ‘study guide’ masquerading as the actual book. I was…not pleased. Believe me when I say these bastards are getting away with small scale fraud a million times a day!

Please read the article, and if you’re convinced this is a bad thing, make a noise because it’s time the silent majority sent a message to Amazon that this is not good enough!


This was brought to you as a community service announcement by Meeka’s Mind, where all things are sporadic.

Women Writers of Sci-Fi

We have had some brilliant female authors writing sci-fi – Ursula K LeGuin and C.J.Cherry to name just two – but many of them are unknown to modern generations of readers because their books went out of print.

For an explanation of why this happened, please read Kathryn Rusch’s brilliant post here:


One of the things Rusch has done to redess this gaping hole in the history of books is to create a website devoted to women in writing. You can find some glorious lists here:


As I started reading through the alphabetical listings, I found myself yelling ‘yes, yes!’ as I came across names I’d read, loved and pretty much forgotten.

But the changes in the publishing industry buried male authors as well as women – Theodore Sturgeon and H.Beam Piper can only be found in the bowels of Amazon these days [thanks be to the Zon!] So if you have a blog and you have favourite authors who have gone out of print [and out of mind], resurrect them with a mention.

Beautiful writing needs to be cherished. Resurrect a book today. 😀



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