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Buddies on NaNoWriMo – a how-to and a list

I finally found out how to add ‘buddies’ on the Nano website but the process is not wildly intuitive – you have to know the handle or nickname of the person you wish to add as a buddy.  You can’t just find each other. So, the purpose of this post is to explain how to add buddies and to start a list of WP bloggers, complete with handles/nicknames, to add as buddies. I’ll update the list every couple of days until the end of October.

Right, to add a buddy on nano, go to the website and login. Once you are in, look at the top, right hand corner of the window. You will see a ‘search’ option. Click on it, and another window will open with a search box. Click inside the search box and type the nickname/handle of the person you wish to add as a buddy. Click the submit button and you should get another screen showing at least one entry. [There may be more depending on how much information your buddy has entered and how many comments they have left on the forums].

Now, click on your buddie’s nickname in the list [the mouse arrow will change to a hand] and you should be taken to yet another screen where you will see the option to add that person as a buddy. Click on the ‘add’ option and that’s it. The whole process is not hard, once you know how to get to it.

And now for that list of names. The only three I can remember off the top of my head are these :

Me : Meeka Flory

SweetMother : Sweetmother

Alex Laybourne : Alex Laybourne

Brother Jon : BroJo

Honie Briggs : HonieBriggs [with that capital ‘B’ in the middle]

Theauthorrwfoster : kholoblicin

If you’d like other WP bloggers to find you on nano, please leave me a note in comments! UPDATE! I’ve created a temporary page called ‘NANO buddy list’ to make people easier to find. This list will stay up until the very end of nano.



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