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FFXIV – the Chrysalis

Okay, first up, I did get through this trial, and I even managed to get a commendation, so this is not sour grapes but… the Chrysalis was nasty. Part of the reason for that was social and part was due to the mechanics of the actual trial.


This is not a walkthrough so I won’t go into every skill Nabriales [the Boss] uses. Instead I want to talk about the two major mechanics – orbs and meteors. And I want to show you what all the important things look like because recognizing what’s what is often the difference between a successful run and a disaster.


In the first phase of the trial, Nabriales will call forth two kinds of orbs to buff himself. One is physical, the other magical and they look like this:

chrysalis black and red orb

Screenshot taken from MrHappy’s video guide

The orbs start at the outer perimeter of the arena and slowly drift into the centre where Nabriales waits. Your job is to stop the orbs from reaching him. Every orb that does reach him applies a buff that will increase the damage of the big AOE he unleashes at the end of this stage. Nabriales will call the orbs twice.

How to stop the orbs

To stop an orb you have to run through it. When you do, the orb explodes and is gone. Unfortunately getting it to explode is not as easy as it sounds. Whether it was a glitch or some odd lag effect, I found that I could not seem to ‘connect’ with some of the orbs. In fact there was one that I ran through about 4 times before it finally exploded.That was not fun.

Alternating orbs

To make dealing with the orbs harder, you will have to alternate red and black orbs because connecting with 2 or god forbid 3 of the same kind would be bad, very bad.

The glitch and the alternating requirement meant that 8 people were running around, not doing a very good job of stopping these orbs from reaching Nabriales. And when he did his AOE we wiped.

At our next attempt, we survived the first round of orbs only to be felled by the second round.

I think it was about this time that someone from the group ranted about ‘stupid people’. I became a little heated and said we were not stupid, just new. When we had a show of hands, 3 of the 8 admitted to being new to the trial.

Anyway, we kept going which was good as some of the group would have preferred to rage quit.

Then, after 2 lots of orbs and Quake, Nabriales cast Blight and disappeared, leaving a portal in the middle of the arena.

Blight and the portal

Blight is a DoT AOE [damage over time area of effect] that lasts for quite some time and reduces your health the whole time.Blight cannot be avoided and neither can the portal.The problem is they happen at the same time.

If you get sucked into the portal while Blight is still active, the effect will last X amount of time longer so you do NOT want to get sucked in straight away. But how do you avoid getting sucked in too soon?

Simple – you run towards the outer perimeter of the arena, and you watch this little icon count down to zero:

Screenshot taken from MrHappy's video clip.

Screenshot taken from MrHappy’s video clip.

All the guides say to keep running until Blight wears off then pop your buffs just before being sucked into the portal. The reason for popping the buffs is that they are extended on the other side of the portal as well.

I happened to be right next to the portal when it opened the first time and couldn’t even take a step before I was sucked in. Lesson: stay away from the centre. 😦

The next time we faced Blight, I managed to run towards the outer edge of the arena long enough for it to wear off but I could not run and pop my buffs at the same time. You see that pull is damn strong.

This is what the portal looks like:

Screenshot taken from MrHappy's video guide

Screenshot taken from MrHappy’s video guide


Once on the other side of the portal, you will see a series of circles on the ground:

Screenshot taken from MrHappy's video guide

Screenshot taken from MrHappy’s video guide

These circles show where the meteors will land. The landing spot of the BIG meteor is circled in red while the smaller ones are circled in yellow. The small meteors come down fast, and if they hit the ground they turn into a ‘tear’.

The way to stop the tears from forming in the first place is to put a tank underneath each small meteor. Of course you will get more small meteors than tanks so eventually a ‘tear’ will form:

Screenshot taken from MrHappy's video guide

Screenshot taken from MrHappy’s video guide

This ‘tear’ has to be destroyed before the big meteor strikes or it’s an instant wipe. If at all possible, save the level 3 Limit Break for the tear.

We also had trouble with this bit because at least one of the tanks had no idea what to do. Instant wipe.

Sadly it was not the experienced players who explained what needed to be done but someone who had only studied the video guides. Any way you look at it, that’s a ridiculous situation, yet it happens time and time again. Information is not gold. You don’t lose anything by giving it away.

The one positive thing I can say is that I got to practise my Swiftcast-Resurrection about five times. 😦

If anyone is interested in seeing MrHappy’s complete video guide, you can find it here:



p.s. For my non-gamer friends – just one more to go. 🙂

I survived Titan hard mode!

meeka shocked-dance-

Okay, this post is for my gamer friends only. Apologies to everyone else, but today has been a huge milestone in my gaming career, and I just have to write about it. You see, Titan hard mode is…a very hard fight. The video clip below is what I studied, for hours this weekend, just to try and learn the mechanics of the fight:

If you’ve had a look at the video you’ll know that even young, very competent gamers consider this one tough. As I am neither young, nor very competent when it comes to battling, I fully expected to die, multiple times. Worse, I fully expected my incompetence to cause the whole group to fail dismally. Given how much gamers invest in these fights, they do not tolerate failure terribly well. And they don’t tend to be very forgiving of group members [like me] who make them fail.

So I am not exaggerating when I say this particular fight has ruined my weekend till now. I literally could not think of anything else, and when I logged on this morning I had to grab a bunch of tissues because my palms were sweating so much. Fear sweat, people, fear sweat.

And then none of the bad things I’d imagined actually happened!

Titan hard mode is an 8 man fight – meaning two healers, two tanks and 4 dps [damage doers like me]. Two of the eight were my wonderful friends, Mateus and Baufian, but the rest were complete strangers. Luckily they were all players with heaps more experience than me, and essentially, they carried me for most of the fight.

But…. I managed to remember all the mechanics of the fight, and more importantly, I managed to avoid all the many things that could have killed me. And then, at the Heart phase, I actually remembered to use the caster LB [Limit Break] against Titan’s Heart. I can’t tell you how proud I am of that because my hands were still shaking at that point.

[For those who don’t know, the caster LB is a ground targetting skill. This means you have to click on the LB and then move the ground circle under the foe you want to target. When you release the button, the cast time for the LB begins and it goes boom.]

And I lived. No one had to waste time resurrecting me. No one had to bite their tongue about the ‘useless noob’. And I didn’t humiliate myself in front of my friends. I will remember this fight for a long time to come.

Now, just in case there are others like me out there, here are some tips that helped me get through Titan hard mode, in one piece, first time through:

Do your research.

For me this involved watching the above video a million times. It also meant taking something like 8 pages of notes AND doing dinky little drawings of the hardest bits – like the Bombs.

Turn off Titan’s music.

I’m told the music is very stirring, but for this fight you need to be calm, not revved up even more.

If you’re on a pc, click on the system icon as shown:

ffxiv system menu

Select ‘System Configuration’ from the menu. That opens the System Configuration window:

ffxiv system sound music

Click the ‘sound’ option in the left hand pane, and then drag the BGM slider all the way to the left. That will shut off only the music. Click ‘Apply’ and you’re done.

Turn the battle effects display down.

When you have a boss and 8 players all using showy weapon skills, it becomes almost impossible to see what’s going on, and in this fight you must be aware of what’s happening at all times.

Again, you start with the System icon, but this time select ‘Character Configuration’ as shown:

ffxiv system character menu

From here, you will get this window:

ffxiv system character battle effects

Click the ‘Character’ tab and scroll all the way down to the bottom. That’s where you will find the Battle Effects Settings [the big, showy special effects]. To change the settings, click on the words, not the radio button. For some strange reason, the radio buttons don’t actually work. -shrug-

Again, click on ‘Apply’ when you’re done.

Zoom your camera out as far as you can.

Again, this is so you can see the whole fight instead of just your own small corner of it. Coincidentally, that will allow you to see the things you have to avoid. If you can’t see it, you can’t get out of its way.


If you’re a caster dps like me, don’t hang out right at the very edge of the fight. I know this is what we normally do, but this fight requires you to move almost constantly so if you’re a little closer in to Titan, you have more options of where to move to. Also, when he does Geo Crush, it means you can run in towards the tank faster. This in turn means you can be AOE healed.

Marked guide.

And last but not least, it really helps if you go in with an experienced friend or two, especially if one of those friends puts a mark above his head. That mark is very visible all through the fight and if you ever suddenly get that awful feeling of not knowing where you’re supposed to run, following that mark can be a lifesaver.

So there you go, a very non-expert review of Titan HM. I suspect that preparation aside, I was very lucky to make it through so easily, but hey, I’ll take a little credit for my win. 😀



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