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The new, improved? WP Reader

The WP Reader 'Like' button

The WP Reader ‘Like’ button

I’ve only been using the new Reader for a short while, and I admit it’s handy to see what other bloggers are doing from within WP [instead of following links from my email inbox], but that ‘Like’ button worries me. It’s too easy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against easy. Easy is good, and sometimes easy is necessary, especially when you’re following a lot of people. But when liking someone’s post is a substitute for actually reading that person’s post… well that goes against the grain. Yet that is exactly what the ‘Like’ button allows us to do.

To me that somehow devalues the whole concept of ‘liking’ people, but I know it’s a  thorny issue. I know there are times when I read a post and enjoy it, but have nothing worthwhile to add. Sometimes that’s because I don’t know anything about the subject matter, and sometimes it’s because other people have already made the comments I would have liked to make. So I don’t comment but I do express my appreciation with a like.

Yet not using that ‘Like’ button freely has other, unintended results as well. If I don’t like everyone I follow will they think I dislike them?

At the moment I try to keep up with different people at different times so I can drop in on everyone eventually. But that doesn’t make me happy either because I genuinely do like all the people I follow.

Am I reading too much into this whole issue?  Or am I just a bit of a social misfit?

I suspect I fall into the misfit category. In real-life  I’m a bit of a hermit, so I’m clueless about how to maintain relationships with lots of people all at once.  I’m the kind of person who goes to a party and either stands around looking lost, or huddles in a corner with one or two others having a deep and meaningful. Social butterfly I am not.

I admit the fault is mine, but still, I do wish the  WP Reader displayed full articles instead of just snippets. That way, when anyone hits that  ‘Like’ button we’d all know it was a real like, an ‘I-love-you’ like. 🙂

After a year and a bit on WP I consider myself to be a real blogger, but I know there are people out there who have been blogging for much, much longer than me. How do you guys keep up? And is there a sort of blogging etiquette I haven’t learned yet?

cheers from the hermit crab,



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