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Doing something about Climate Change can be fun!

I’ve just discovered you can never predict how and when you will meet another kindred spirit! I’m not a sporty person by any stretch of the imagination, but thanks to my friend Candy Korman, and my post on the Climate Change rally, I’ve just met Lew Blaustein from New York City.

Lew is a blogger who combines his passion for sport with his passion for climate change action in posts that speak the language of sports fans. You can read some of Lew’s posts here and here.

For now though I’d like to share a Nike commerical that Lew showed me. Yes, a commercial. Trust me on this, you’ll enjoy it!

I doubt Nike intended to support action on climate change, and I’m not sure whether basketball superstar LeBron James had that intention either, but this one commercial boosted the uptake of bicycle riding by something like 10%. It almost got me off my chair as well. đŸ˜‰



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