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Innerscape Omnibus for Kobo

As I explained in the post ‘The Omnibus hits a pot hole‘, I can’t make Innerscape directly available on the Kobo ereader because Rakuten won’t allow me to use ‘acflory’ as my name. -rolls eyes- But where there’s a will, and a lot of help from a friend… ta dah, a workaround!

The friend in question is Dawn from DawnGillDesigns. You may also know her as the Silversmith. Anyway, I knew Dawn used the Kobo ereader so I contacted her and asked her to see if she could download the epub version of the Omnibus from sync.com, and read it on her Kobo. These are the pics she sent me:

This was straight out of the box, so to speak. The next one is after she adjusted both the font and the margins:

Proof positive that the epub can be sideloaded onto the Kobo! But how did Dawn do it? And was it hard to do?

When I quizzed Dawn about her method, this is what she wrote back:

‘It was super basic. I clicked on the link you sent me. My virus scanner scanned it, and then I plugged in my kobo. This automatically brought up a pane within file explorer, so I was able to drag the download icon at the footer of my browser window across. Then I ejected my kobo, by right clicking on the USB icon, and let it do it’s thing. Even easier than a library book, because all I had to do was drag and drop.’

So me lovelies, you too can download the Innerscape Omnibus onto your Kobo ereaders, and here’s the link to do it:


The ‘for Kobo’ link on the sidebar to the right will also take you to the same download link.

The Omnibus is free for everyone stuck at home during this global lockdown, and you won’t need to sign up or register or do anything at all. As with the PDF version, simply click the link and follow the onscreen instructions. Then follow Dawn’s instructions to sideload the epub file onto your Kobo ereader.

All I ask is that you don’t try to get some kind of commercial gain out of it. This is my gift to you. Read, share, enjoy, and #StayHome .



The Omnibus hits a pot hole

I uploaded the epub file of the Innerscape Omnibus to Draft-2-Digital last night and expected to be able to provide links to the various e-readers today. Not going to happen, at least not the way I thought it would. 😦

This is the email I received this morning:

The metadata problem is this:

‘Current vendor formatting guidelines require standard author name spelling (First Last name format). Please supply author name in First Last name format in the metadata Contributor field, within book manuscript file, and on cover image to proceed with publication at the stores you selected.’

My author name is ‘acflory’ – all smooshed together and in lower case. It’s been my author name since 2013. It’s my brand. It’s how I, as an author, am known on social media…

This was my reply:

I have been aware that Apple would not accept my books because of how I write my pseudonym, but having ALL ebook distributors playing this game is ridiculous. ‘acflory’ is my /brand/. I cannot just ‘change’ it without losing years worth of work, not to mention marketing.

I was going to publish my omnibus with D2D before Amazon because I wanted non-Kindle readers to get a free copy before Amazon’s exclusive 90 day period could begin. Now I won’t bother. I’ll simply make the epub available to readers directly.

Please advise how or if I have to withdraw my books from D2D.


By ‘make the epub available to readers directly’ I mean like the PDF version, via sync.com. Unlike Kindle ebooks, epubs are the same regardless of which e-reader – e.g. Kobo, Nook etc – is used. But…people wanting to read the epub on their e-readers will have to download the Omnibus file to their computers and sideload onto the e-reader from there.

As sideloading is not as easy or convenient as downloading the book directly to the e-reader, I’m hoping D2D will find a better solution. If they don’t, I’ll have to ask those of you with different e-readers to test the process, and perhaps write a how-to for others? I’d do it myself but I only have the Kindle and Kindle Fire e-readers.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll keep you all posted on the outcome.




Update to Miira is permafree on Amazon

December 5, 2018 Update….I am officially an idiot. I was so excited to have Miira permafree on Amazon, I totally forgot to include the link for the book. Can I plead old age as an excuse?

A huge thank you to Cage Dunn for giving me a gentle nudge in the right direction. As Bluebottle would say: ‘I feel a proper fool’. 😦

Okay, here are the urls for Miira I should have included in the post, all of them:




Angus & Robertson [au]


Now I can relax. -hugs to all-


I’m so excited, I don’t know what to do with myself. I finally got up the courage to ask Amazon to make Miira [book 1 of Innerscape] permafree to match B&N, Kobo et al,… and it’s happening!

So far, I’ve checked amazon.com and amazon.com.au, and the ebook is $0.00 on both! Sadly, amazon.co.uk hasn’t gone to permafree yet, but I’m sure it’s on the way. This has literally just happened, or at least I’ve only just noticed. If anyone sees Miira going permafree somewhere else, please let me know.

It’s odd, this feels like an early Christmas present. At least now I have the hope that more people will give Innerscape a try. And to celebrate, we’re getting pizza tonight.

-thinks- I might just indulge in some Cabernet Sauvignon as well. 🙂



Free and Permafree

As an Indie, I’ve often used Amazon KDP’s ‘free days’ to promote my books, but 5 free days out of 90 has never felt like enough. And being forced to sell the book exclusively on Amazon for those 90 days rankled. That’s why I’ve always yearned to make at least some of my books ‘permafree’ – i.e. permanently free.

In marketing terms, this is called a ‘loss leader’, meaning that revenue is lost from one book in order to lead potential customers to other books that are not free. Given how hard it is for Indies to be ‘discovered’ in the first place, permafree can be a very powerful marketing tool, but only if you have one or more series. Make the first book in the series free and hope like hell that people like it enough to buy the rest.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t support permafree. Or should I say, it only supports permafree as part of its price matching policy. This is where going wide comes in. You put the first book of the series up for free on a number of retail platforms and then request that Amazon match ‘the price’. If all goes according to plan, the book will eventually become permafree on Amazon as well.

So that’s the theory. Here comes the reality check. Up the top of this blog you’ll now see a page called ‘Books by acflory’. If you click on it, you’ll see every book I’ve ever published, along with a link direct to the named retailer [sorry, the links in the sidebar lead only to the Amazon ‘Look Inside’ feature].

There are five links to five retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Angus & Robertson and Indigo. And guess what? Miira and The Vintage Egg are now permafree on all of them except Amazon.

You can either click on the book page or click on the links below. Oh, and while you’re at it, please scroll down to the end of the post for details on the 5 free days coming up for ‘How to Print Your Novel with CreateSpace‘. Even if you never print your novel, you may as well have the book handy, right? 🙂


Miira, book 1 of the Innerscape cycle

Click one of the links below to be taken to the permafree version of Miira at that retailer:

Barnes & Noble [Nook format]

Kobo [Kobo format]

Angus & Robertson [provides the Kobo format]

Indigo [provides the Kobo format]





The Vintage Egg, book 1 of Postcards from Tomorrow

Click one of the links below to be taken to the permafree version of The Vintage Egg at that retailer:

Barnes & Noble [Nook format]

Kobo [Kobo format]

Angus & Robertson [provides the Kobo format]

Indigo [provides the Kobo format]




And now an apology to Apple users. I would love to be able to add Apple to my list of retailers, but when Draft2Digital requested that my books be included, this is what came back:

Current Apple formatting guidelines require standard author name spelling (First Last name format). Single author names cause customer confusion and nonspecific search results when using online search engines. The exceptions are first names and last names consisting of only one character each. Those names should include a half-width (single-byte) space between them. Please supply author name in First Last name format in the metadata Contributor field, within book manuscript file, and on cover image to proceed with publication at Apple. Author name listed on the cover image, interior manuscript file, and metadata contributor field must match.

Apart from the fact that calling myself ‘acflory’ was a branding decision, the required changes would mean creating and maintaining a whole new cover, interior and ISBN, just for Apple. If I were a mega selling author, I might consider it. Maybe. As things stand, I’ve decided to live without Apple.

And finally, that free book on Amazon.

The book is ‘How to Print Your Novel with CreateSpace‘, and unfortunately, I’ll never be able to make it permafree, at least not in its present format. The reason is that the ebook was created using the KDP Textbook Creator app. Not only can the ebook only be viewed on the Kindle, it can only be viewed on some of the Kindles. The following list details which ones:

If you have any of the listed devices, or use any of the listed apps, you’ll be able to download ‘How to Print Your Novel with CreateSpace’ from Amazon between May 1 and May 5, 2018. Don’t worry, I’ll provide a link to the book as soon as the freebie goes live. Oh, and I’ll remind you every day before then too….mwahahaha!


So, there you go. Two permafrees and one short term freebie. Please don’t be shy about downloading the free books. If I can show Amazon that there’s a demand, they may allow me to make both Miira and The Vintage Egg free on Amazon as well.



The Kobogate debacle…really?

Courtesy Wiki

Courtesy Wiki

When my Daughter and Nephew were eight, I rented what I thought was a kid’s video from the video shop [yes, it was that long ago]. The cover of the video featured creatures similar in style to the Dark Crystal type puppets. My eye caught on the puppets and didn’t even register the R classification [adults only content here in Australia].

I put the video on for the two kids and went off to cook dinner in peace. Eventually the kids came out to the kitchen with…questions. That was when I discovered they’d been watching puppets have sex.

To say I was shocked is an understatement. I’m no prude, but I don’t consider a kinky puppet-sex video to be appropriate sex-ed. material. I explained to the kids that I’d made a mistake, and we talked about the content. Then they wandered off to play, leaving me bright red, and cursing my inattention.

Were those two kids horribly scarred for life? Nope. The only one who ended up scarred was me – because they’ve never let me live down that mistake.

Which brings me to the Kobogate debacle. Apparently some kids in the UK got their hands on erotic material at a well known bookshop known as ‘Smiths’. The Daily Mail got wind of this, and ran a sensational campaign about it. Kobo, which partners with W.H.Smith in the UK, caved to pressure from its partner and apparently yanked all self-published ebooks from the UK site.

I believe the correct term here is ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’.

If you are like me, and have only just heard about Kobogate, you can read all about it in an excellent article by David Gaughran – here.

I don’t have an axe to grind on this Kobogate debacle because my ebook wasn’t affected, however I do think the whole thing has been handled badly. A simple declaration of content at the time of uploading an ebook could have saved Kobo, and thousands of self-published authors, a lot of grief. After that, I believe it’s up to parents to monitor what their kids watch or read, not some corporation.

I don’t read, or write, erotica. Nonetheless, I believe erotica has a place in the world of books, just like any other genre.

What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe?



p.s. I apologise for the scrappy nature of my posts lately. I’ve been working hard on my assignments, and haven’t had the time, or the creative energy to come up with interesting things to write about. Still 6 weeks to go so please bear with me.

How-to-Kobo [Aussie authors only]

With the new Kobo ereader, Aura, in the news at the moment, I thought it might be a good time to show Aussie authors how to upload to the Kobo.

The process is surprisingly simple, and well explained, except for the section on banking details. The form was obviously designed with US and Canadian authors in mind because it does not work for Australian authors. The reason is that we [Aussies] are required to enter our BSB details, not the SWIFT code. Unfortunately there is no mention of this anywhere on the form. You have to contact Kobo to find this out, usually after hours of frustration.

Rather than confusing you with words, I’ll jump straight into the relevant section with screenshots. [I am assuming most people will have no problem with the process up to this point].

kobo the right way 1


Be very careful to type the location of your bank exactly as it would appear on the Melways. For some stupid reason I have always spelled Box Hill as Boxhill. Wrong.

kobo the right way 2


Prior to mastering the art of Kobo, I thought all international transactions had to include the SWIFT code. Wrong. If you are in Australia, ignore all of this completely [at least for now].

kobo the right way 3


Type the BSB no. of your bank into the box assigned to the SWIFT code/IBAN.

kobo the right way 4


Click the Search button. If all goes well, it should come back with the physical address of your bank. Click and away you go.

And now a small plug for Vokhtah. If you own a Kobo and have not been able to read Vokhtah until now, your prayers have been answered. -rolls eyes-  Okay, that was so over the top I’m hanging my head in shame. Anyway, for those few brave souls, Vokhtah is now available on the Kobo as well. 🙂










When one door closes another opens

I received another email from Amazon support this morning :

“We’ll contact you with more information by the end of the day on Friday, August the 2nd.”


Assuming Amazon tech support do find the problem, and fix it in that time frame, the Egg will now be released on the Kindle two days after I start my new course [the Cert IV in Training]. That means my marketing campaign for the Egg is up in smoke. Ass I’m a serial monogamist – i.e. I can only focus on one major thing at a time – once the course begins, everything else will take a backseat.

I will do some marketing of course, but most of my spare time and energy will be devoted to keeping my blog alive, and continuing with my writing.

Is fate trying to tell me something?


If it is, I can’t seem to decode the message.

But all is not gloom and doom. As The Daughter is away, and I’m at a loose end this weekend, I’ve decided to spend my time working out how to publish to the Kobo. If I’m successful, the Egg may start its life in Canada. [The Kobo e-reader is manufactured by a Canadian company, and is very popular there].

The reason I chose the Kobo for my next foray into e-readers was because I’ve been reading some good things about its development, and I think it will be an interesting player in the market once the Nook is phased out [plus I found a very detailed how-to guide which always helps].

If the Kobo experiment works, I may bite the bullet and set my sights on The Meatgrinder next.

For the non-Indies out there, The Meatgrinder is the quasi affectionate name given to the Smashwords program. It’s reputed to be a beast, and I’ve circled it warily for over a year, never quite daring to give it a go.

So there you have it – a disappointing outcome with positive highlights. Wish me luck!


p.s. This is my 341st post. Just 24 more and I’ll have 365! It’s taken me almost two years to get to this point, but I’m going to celebrate anyway. More on that later.

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