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Adorable #jigsaw #kitten

I just completed this jigsaw coz the kitten was so gorgeous.

As a jigsaw almost complete:

jigsaw kitten 2

As the smoothed out, completed picture:

jigsaw kitten 1

night night


Clever kitty!

If you love #kittens and #cats and clever photography/photo manipulation, you will love this jigsaw puzzle!

clever kitty



p.s. apologies for the lack of posts, but after being sick last week and going back to work this week, I have no energy left for thinking type stuff. đŸ™‚


Life in the middle of death

I’ve been reading accounts of the Paris attack all morning. And then a link in my Reader led me to this:

I’m going to go have a little cry and make a coffee, in that order.


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