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My how time flies…

I was over at Alex Laybourne’s blog just now, reading a post about his blog being almost two years old – Happy UnBirthday Alex! – and how much things had changed. That was when it hit me that I’ve been blogging for close to a year now myself.

Just to be sure my memory wasn’t playing tricks on me, I went and looked up my very first post. It was written on December 29th, 2011. It was a rather serious post on Climate Change. I followed that one with another serious post about Bushfires, and yet another post on Climate Change. Apparently my penchant for saving the world is the one thing that has not changed. Instead, I just keep adding to the list of things that make me mad.

I refuse to apologize for being passionate about certain things, but… a balanced outlook is really good for my sanity, and yours, so today it’s time for some jiggle-in-your-seat type music! I can’t take credit for this video clip* – the Daughter inflict-…, I mean introduced me to it on Sunday and I kinda fell in love with it. 🙂



*The artist’s name is Kimbra, she’s a kiwi [i.e. from New Zealand], and the song is called Good Intent.

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