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How to stop Kaspersky Internet Security from slowing emails to a crawl

KIS box picWhen I upgraded to Windows 7 a couple of weeks ago, I also upgraded to Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 [KIS for short].

KIS is a slightly more expensive, more beefed up version of the anti-virus software I’ve been using for years. I have no complaints about the application except that it literally takes 30 seconds or so to scan each incoming email. I can get up to a hundred emails a day. That makes the delay rather painful.

I tried to speed things up by getting rid of the heuristic scanning of emails. Fail.

Then I tried turning mail scanning off altogether. Fail.

In desperation I turned to Papa Google, and discovered that the KIS Anti-spam feature was the culprit! Could the answer really be that simple?

I turned anti-spam off and mail back on, and hey presto! My mail now downloads at the speed of light again. 😀

Before I continue, a word about anti-spam. I use Opera as both my browser and email client, and Opera has a very effective anti-spam function of its own – that I control. Every time I designate an email as spam, Opera ‘learns’ from my choice, and automatically adds that email address to its list of spam. Moreover, my web-host does some spam filtering before I ever download emails into Opera. I do not need Kaspersky’s overarching anti-spam function.

So, if you’re using Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, and you already have other ways of dealing with spam, then you can safely turn the KIS anti-spam function off as follows :

1. Find KIS on whichever Windows operating system you are using. [I can’t provide screenshots as Windows XP, 7 and 8 have very different user interfaces].

2. From the main KIS menu select Settings. [Top right hand corner].

3. On the left of the Settings menu, near the bottom, you will find the Anti-Spam option. Click on it.

4. Uncheck the Enable Anti-Spam box. Click on Apply, and then on OK. And that’s it. You’re done!

KIS antispam settings

I hope this helps a few frustrated users out there. For the rest of you, apologies for another nerdy post, but my Corel Draw X6 has arrived, and I’m knee deep in geek at the moment. I do have a rather nice book review coming though, so stay tuned. 😀



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