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Why Australia could have benefited from fiber to the node technology

Internet access from Australia has always been poor when compared to most advanced nations in the world. We all know that, which is why we cheered when the previous Labor government paved the way for fiber to the node technology.

Whatever it’s teething problems, the full fiber to the node would have taken Australia from the tail of the pack to the front. But being at the front would not have been just ego boosting, it would have been economy boosting because the next wave of technology will rely on fiber to the node.

Try and picture a time without electricity. That’s where we are now. On the cusp of a new era of industrial development. Fiber to the node will be like electric power was, over a century ago. Those countries that invested in power plants, light poles and power lines were able to attract all the new development that needed electric power to take off. That is how important fiber to the node will be in the very near future.

Sadly Australia will not be the country making the most of fiber to the node. The US will. Read the following  article from Venturebeat today:

“At SWSX in Austin, Texas today, supercomputer cloud gaming company Shinra Technologies announced that its technical beta will begin in the U.S. later this year and that those with Google Fiber in Kansas City will be among the first to get access to it. Since Google started laying the infrastructure for Fiber service in 2012, the city has welcomed several startups to the area that would stand to benefit from the groundbreaking service.”

The future is already happening, but we’re not in it.

We’re not cowards as a people. Why are we letting our future and the future of our kids slip through our fingers?

While our truly ‘conservative’ government pinches pennies and dimes from those who can least afford it, they’re letting the trillions escape in lost opportunity.

I’m too disgusted to go on.


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