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Music is life

Being on Twitter usually makes me angry. Today it made me cry with joy:

Watch her face as the music takes hold. For a few, precious moments, she’s young again and doing what she loves most in the world. This is the power of music.

Have a wonderful weekend,


A day that makes teaching worthwhile

There are days when things should go right, and don’t. Then there are days when anything that can go right does. I have just had one of those days. 🙂

As some of you know, I’ve been totally immersed in a course that will allow me to [officially] do vocational teaching with adults, and get paid for it. Two weeks ago, I gave my 30 minute presentation [as part of the course], and although it went according to plan, it somehow missed that moment of rapport that all teachers live for. To me it felt… flat.

Describing that moment of rapport is really difficult because it isn’t just the teaching, or the content, but a weird combination of the teacher getting it all right, and connecting with the students, and the whole class sparking off each other. It’s the kind of moment when, as a teacher, you know your students are with you. They’re more than just interested, they’re sharing your passion, and want to know more. Maybe that’s what rock stars feel like when they’re up on stage and the audience is like one being with thousands of arms and legs. 

Well, I had that kind of a class today for my 60 minute presentation. Quite simply, it was a buzz. Things went slightly skew-wiff, yet instead of turning the class into a disaster they became spring boards for greater… togetherness? It was as close to perfect as I will ever get, and left me loving the whole, wide world and everyone in it.

For the first time, I’m actually looking forward to having that moment again, as part of a job I do not yet have, with people I have not yet met.

I’m so happy I could literally pop. 🙂

-hugs to you all-



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