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Book review – Vokhtah

Today is definitely Christmas. Vokhtah has received its fourth review, and this one touched me more than I can say because it was written by someone who normally avoids science fiction!

Jennifer is a fellow Aussie who makes beautiful things with her hands instead of with words, but I think her words are pretty good too. 😀

‘We’re in a book shop. Which direction would you go. What genre would you make a bee line for?
For me, the sci-fi/fantasy section would be last on the list. Well, maybe a tie with politics, but you get the idea. Not my cup of tea.
So it was a surprise to me after reading the blurb of a fellow bloggers book that I opened the wallet and bought it. It drew me in and I was compelled to check it out.

I like my books with real life characters and places, things I can relate to. Words I can pronounce (mostly anyway). I don’t mind watching the odd sci-fi or fantasy styled movie, I am a visual person like that, but books have to be based on something ‘real’, whether it’s murder and mayhem, espionage, humour or the odd chick-lit.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. Except that it had to draw me in long enough to want to finish it. And it did that…’

For Jennifer’s full review please follow this link Book review – Vokhtah.

And Jen? I loved your review.



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