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Need a name for an evil corporation!

From Wiki

From Wiki

My research for Innerscape is coming along nicely, but now I need a name for the evil multinational that developed the food which had such a terrible effect on Miira and other refugees like her.

I can’t use the name of a real company, much as I would like to, so I have to make something up.  Any thoughts?

This is a little ‘press release’ I came up with today. Not sure if I’ll use it but I like it for now :

“After twenty years of legal wrangling, the Australian Attorney-General today announced the government intended to take multinational food giant, XX, before the International Court of Justice.

The UN ruling – that multinational corporations possess legal personalities, and hence are subject to international law – has been in force since 2077, but this is only the second time a sovereign State has taken a multinational to the ICJ for a violation of human rights.

The Australian government contends that XX did not exercise due diligence in its development of low-cost nutrition, Total Care. The government further maintains that after becoming aware of the deleterious health effects of Total Care on the refugees flooding into Australia, XX pursued an active campaign of denial and coverup that lasted over thirty years, and continues to this day.

Total Care, which was distributed to all refugees coming to Australia from the Pacific Rim between 2060 and 2085, is claimed to have caused a variety of rare cancers in 85% of the first generation of refugees, and birth defects in subsequent generations. The use of Total Care was discontinued in February, 2086.’

World Holo News, May 13, 2100.

And while you’re at it, any ideas for a better name than Total Care? Every time I look at it I’m reminded of toothpaste. 😦

Just as a matter of interest, my research today revealed that multinationals are not subject to international law. I even found an article from Utrecht university saying the only way this would change is if multinationals were deemed to have personalities – i.e being an entity. The author thinks this will happen – when governments get the intestinal fortitude to push it through. I figured it would take at least 50 years!

I’m back at school all day tomorrow, so won’t be able to read your comments until the evening. Please keep them coming though!



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