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Nice feature WordPress!

I’ve been noticing something strange in my stats lately, so tonight I looked at them more closely, and discovered a really nice WP feature in the process. Basically it allows you to look at the stats of individual posts over time :


If  you already know about this little gem then please ignore the rest of this post. If not, I’ll show you where to find it.

Click on the Stats tab of your WordPress page [the main one, not Dashboard], and look on the right hand side where it lists the top posts and pages :

wp feature


If you click on that little zoom icon, the stats for that particular post will be displayed.  And they’re amazing. 🙂

I still have no idea why my post on the Samsung Galaxy SII is getting so much attention all of a sudden, but I know I’ll be playing with the zoom icon from now on. Gotta love some of the toys um, I mean tools WordPress gives us.

Goodnight all!


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