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No intros…just watch & listen!

…and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. 😀

My thanks to Russell Ray for introducing me to this fabulous video clip!

Happy Tuesday,


Resolutions – yes, no, maybe?

I know my northern hemisphere friends are still busy bringing in the New Year, but here in Australia we’ve been there, done that. And no, I’m not bragging. It’s just that I’ve already let my New Year’s resolutions slide, and it’s only January 1. 😦

What did I resolve to do? Just two things, both ‘completers’ that have been hanging around the house for over six months.

The first is a flat pack, mini-greenhouse [apologies for the terrible photo]:

I did make a start...

I did make a start…

I bought the greenhouse off the internet in the hope that it would be easy to assemble. You’d think I’d know better by now. The damn thing has a million parts and the instructions are, as you’d expect, rat shit. But I can deal with all that. What I haven’t been able to deal with is the sheer physical effort involved in making the parts fit together. And before anyone asks, yes, I am trying to put the correct parts together. Those two things that look like small windows are panels for the greenhouse. Unfortunately, there are so many more to assemble. 😦

The problem seems to be one of gender. I’m reasonably strong for a 5′ 3.5″ tall, 63 year old woman. Unfortunately, everything seems to be designed for a 6′ tall, 30-something man.

I have absolutely nothing against 6′ tall, 30-something men. I think they’re gorgeous…but they have these very strong hands. Wait. That doesn’t sound right.


Things that come in flatpacks seem to be designed for people with lots of muscle and very strong hands.

But what about me?

I don’t want to beat the feminist drum, but really, would it be that hard to design flatpacks for the other half of humanity? You know, the women who have small hands and don’t look like plumbers?

At the risk of sounding sexist, all the gentlemen out there can go do something macho now while I talk about project number 2.

So…my second incomplete project was to turn a lovely sarong into a simple top. I do know how to sew, but this project has proven to be more challenging than I thought.

Mistake number 1 was that I thought I could whip something up without a pattern. Mistake number 2 was that I neglected to test the fabric before reaching for the scissors. Sadly, that lovely fabric frays like you would not believe, so every seam has to be hemmed first. Plus the fabric has a pattern that should match up…

Anyway, these two projects have been lingering like a bad smell for a very long time, so last night, as the minute hand neared 12, I resolved to complete them…first thing in the morning [January 1st, 2017].

So far today, I’ve mowed a great swathe of the back garden [because it was nice and cool]. I’ve also done some washing, tidied the kitchen, made a start on the floors, had multiple coffees and spent some time on social media. Now, I’m writing a blog post. In short, I’ve done anything and everything except what I swore I’d do last night.

-sigh- I am so tempted to throw both the top and the flatpack into the nearest bin. Why are New Year’s Resolutions so bloody hard to do?

Or in my case, ‘not happy, Meeks!’

Am I alone?



Best #cat commercial EVER!

Had to post this so I could watch it again and again. I feel so much better now. 😀

I wonder how long it actually took those cats to completely wreck everything? mwahahahaha….

You’ll never see toast the same way again!

Okay, people, I know two posts about writing in as many days is probably a bit much, but this one is so funny!

Here’s a teensy weensy sample talking about the concept of ‘the Chosen One’, and how much of a cliche it is. Author S.E. Zbasnik, muses on what might happen if the all powerful ‘they’ picked the wrong chosen one. They might find that:

‘The true savior of the Lumtkins was actually a sentient piece of bread, but no one thought to armor up toast.’

Read the full article here. I’m going back to laugh some more. 😀


The nothing box …or the way men think?

Okay, I have no idea if the guy in this video is the funniest ‘lecturer’ in the world, or a comedian with a genuine message, but he is hilariously funny!

A huge vote of thanks to David Prosser for sending me this video clip. David is either a man with a great sense of humour, or utterly evil. 😀

Happy Friday,


Top 10 Signs You’re Near the End of Your Novel

I’m going to be late for work but I couldn’t resist sharing D.V.Berkom’s post with you lot. Whether you write or not, you will laugh yourself silly over this! Great way to start a Monday.




Must see talking cat video!

Okay, you can blame the Daughter for this! She just introduced me to Sylvester the talking kitty, and I’ve wasted half an hour watching Sylvester and friends on Youtube.

The videos are hilarious, and Sylvester looks just like my Golly. Golly talks too, just not in English. If you’re not into humour, or cats, look away now. For everyone else – ENJOY!

WARNING! Some language and drug themes, sort of, so maybe not for young kids.




“Presenter [to camera]: Hi there! If you’ve had a tough week, spare a thought for local banana seller Jan Dopeski, who not only lost his business, but also nearly got lynched when he decided to try out Amazon KDP Select’s business model by giving away his bananas for one day!….”

I just had to reblog this hilarious post by author Chris James. To read the entire post – highly recommended! – click the link below :


Happy Sunday,


Doehemian Rapsody – Freddy Mercury eat your heart out!

Ok, I confess. It’s post time and I am empty of ideas. The day started badly because I had to be awake early for the heating duct repairman, so despite multiple coffees my brain is still stuck in first gear. What to write? The repairman thinks my overfed cats have been sleeping on the heating ducts and breaking them at the joins. Nice to know but hardly worth blogging about.

Looking out my window I can see blue sky and bright sunshine which should cheer me up but the wind is so strong it’s making the branches of the gum trees dance like 1980’s go-go dancers. Being outside is not much fun today so I’ve decided I’m not going to blog about the weather. [sighs of relief from off-stage]

In truth I was seriously considering playing truant today and not blogging at all, after all I can’t exactly sack myself now can I? But then, just as I was about to log out I remembered something! [drum roll] I remembered that a couple of days ago I watched a brilliant music video on Bluebird Blvd. The video was called ‘Doehemian Rapsody’ and it made me laugh, sing and generally act the fool. It brightened my day then and I hope it brightens your day now. Enjoy!

And let there be…More Barsetshire Diary!

Here in Australia it’s Friday already and what better way of starting happy hour than by telling you all about ‘More Barsetshire Diary’, the third book by Lord David Prosser.

For those who have not yet discovered Lord David’s humorous tales of life in Barsetshire do not fear – each of the books can be read without reference to the previous ones, however once you visit Barsetshire I think you will find the place addictive and the characters unforgettable.

In More Barsetshire Diary Lord David, our seemingly naive and very slightly daft hero takes on the herculean task of trying to turn Awful Edna into a charismatic political contender in the local government stakes. Edna, who is married to the present Mayor, is a prickly character who has the people skills of a porcupine and the dress-sense of Bozo the Clown.  To complicate matters, Lady Julia [Lord David’s wife and much loved ‘regular’] has been dragooned into helping raise funds for the restoration of a run-down ancestral seat belonging to Dowager Duchess Diana. The Dowager Duchess is twice as formidable as Edna and failure is not an option! Between Lady J, Edna and the Duchess Lord David is forced to reveal that he has a secret weapon – diplomacy!

Of course while Lord David is putting his talents to the service of Duchess and county, Oscar is putting his talents into Lord David, one claw at a time. In this David and Goliath struggle between man and cat, the cat always wins but is that not how it should be?

I knew before I even turned to the first page that I was coming ‘home’ and I was not disappointed. The delicious humour I have come to expect from Lord David was as witty as ever but this time I discovered some hilarious cartoons added to the mix.  I laughed my way through this delightful book and I’m sure my life expectancy has increased because of it! Forget the vitamin supplements and just spend a few hours chuckling as you read More Barsetshire Diary; I guarantee you will feel better for it!


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