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1193 words!

I’ve had a brilliant day and just wanted to share. According to StoryBox, I ended the day up by 1193 words, but as deleted words are subtracted from the running total, I figure I’m probably closer to 1500 new words. Good words. Action words. lol

I recognized some time ago that Kaati was more of an ‘action’ character than the Blue so it behooved me to let it do warrior-type stuff, or at least, action-hero type stuff. And I have. Such fun. 🙂

In case you’re wondering, this is my all-time action hero:







A real rambo kitty!

To all those who hate cats – watch this real home security footage of the family cat saving HER HUMAN, and then tell me cats are useless, unloving creatures only interested in a feed.

Go Tara. 😀



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