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A work in progress

Getting that hand to look as if it’s actually gripping the Tukti has been hard, and I’m not really happy with it yet. But…it’s getting there.


Lefties – how to adjust the mouse buttons in Windows 10

I wrote up a quick how-to for a student of mine and thought it might be useful for other left handers out there.

Step 1

Click the START button [circled in red] to display the Start Menu. On the Start Menu, click ‘Settings’[shown in green] :

Step 2

With the Settings dialog box displayed, click ‘Devices’ [shown in green] :

Step 3

With the Devices dialog box displayed, click ‘Mouse & touchpad’ [shown in green]:

Step 4

With the ‘Mouse & touchpad’ dialog box displayed, click ‘Left’.

The option for ‘Right’ will now be displayed.

Click ‘Right’ as shown:

Left handers should now be able to mouse click using the index finger of their left hand and the right button of the mouse. 🙂










The $50 cyborg hand!

My friend George, who’s a gamer, a game developer, and an all-round techie genius, sent me the most amazing link last night! It’s a video clip about a man born without a left hand. In the clip, this man demonstrates the difference between his $42,000 [yes, I didn’t put in those extra zeros by mistake] prosthetic hand, and a $50 dollar one created using a 3D printer. And the $50 hand wins …hands down. 🙂

Thanks, George! This is the most amazing development yet.



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