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My conspiracy theory about the ‘freedom’ rallies

All over the Western world, a small but vocal segment of the population is protesting for ‘freedom’, but from what? This is a screenshot of their manifesto:

‘No medical apartheid’???? Interesting. I somehow doubt that your average Tradie – carpenter, plumber, electrician, mechanic – would come up with a phrase like that. I mean, what does it even mean?

Here in Australia, we do have both private and public hospitals, but private hospitals don’t have emergency departments, at all, so if you crash your Lamborghini, the ambulance will take you straight to a public hospital where you will find round the clock care. By contrast, private hospitals don’t have ANY doctors on staff. They only have nurses, and those nurses are not allowed to alter treatment plans during the night.

I know, because I had a very bad reaction to Pethidine after a partial thyroidectomy [in a private hospital]. Your thyroid gland is in your neck, so to cut some of it out, the surgeon has to ‘cut your throat’. Literally.

So there I was, in the middle of the night, with my throat swathed in bandages, throwing up even after there was nothing left in my stomach. Can you imagine what that feels like after you’ve just had your throat cut?

The nurses were allowed to give me anti-nausea injections, but they didn’t work because it was the Pethidine drip that was making me so sick…and they couldn’t take the drip out without the doctor’s say so…and the doctor wouldn’t make his rounds until about 8am.

Public hospitals aren’t swank, but the quality of the care is second to none. So is it the private hospital patients who are being treated as second class citizens? I think not. I also don’t think the people behind the freedom rallies are your average Joe.

How do I know? It’s right there in the public eye, on the freedom rally website:

Go ahead, click on the link and see how slick, how professional the website is. This site was not put together by a bunch of amateurs volunteering their skills to help the ’cause’. This is not the website of a grass roots movement.

The Freedom Rally website was put together by professionals. Not just professional webmasters but professional manipulators, the kind of people who work for big ad. agencies creating commercials to hook the unwary.

Everything about this site shrieks ‘money’! But wait, there’s more. This is from the website’s About page:

‘Australia Freedom Rally is a member organization of the World Wide Demonstration team, which coordinates the World Wide Rally for Freedom Internationally.
We support and implement the World Wide Demonstration Platform in Australia.’


If you click on the ‘World Wide Demonstration team’ link, you’ll be taken to a website that has a lot of admin. stuff – like the popups about cookies – in what looks like German. The site is just as slick as the Australian website, but nowhere is there any indication of who is behind the website…or who pays for it.

I did some digging, trying to find out who was really behind the organisation [spelled ‘organization’ by the way]. Eventually I landed here:


I don’t know what ‘Telegram’ is, but it’s up there on the main website page:


…and it offers a very slick ‘tool’ for third party developers. Who created it? Who paid for it to be created? Who is rich enough to give it away for free?

This article from the Guardian talks about an Australian who is helping to organise the local protests:

‘In Australia, a Melbourne-based group has helped promote protests throughout the pandemic. The Guardian has previously revealed Harrison McLean, a 24-year-old IT programmer from Wantirna South, had become a key organiser of the protests in that city.’


…but who is behind him? And why? Why any of this?

I know there are a great many disaffected people in the Western world. They’re getting left behind as the gap between rich and poor turns into an abyss. They’re getting angry with the status quo. They want their lives to be better. They’re primed to lash out. I understand all that, but if they are the kindling, who is the match?

Who is moulding all these disaffected people into a weapon? Who is giving them slogans? Who is paying for it? And what do ‘they’, whoever they are, hope to gain?

Do I believe the World Wide Demonstration is just about the lockdowns? No.

Do I believe the ‘message’? No.

Do I believe the people behind the movement are ‘pure’? Not in a month of Sundays.

I believe the Western world is ripe for a social ‘hack’, manipulation on a grand scale. Is it being driven by Russia? By China? By some individual or group with very deep pockets?

I have absolutely no idea, but the manipulation is sinister and very clever. And there’s money behind it, a lot of money. Whoever ‘they’ are, they’re good, and that should concern us all.


Popcorn foam!

If you thought this was going to be a post about food…sorry. It’s a tech post about an innovative way of creating foam packaging [amongst other things] out of, yes, popcorn. 🙂

Georg August University

You can find the full article here: https://newatlas.com/environment/popcorn-expanded-polystyrene-foam/?utm_source=New+Atlas+Subscribers&utm_campaign=b2daaabfa4-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_11_18_11_54&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-b2daaabfa4-92416841

Climate change is too big for any one person to do much about, but if we all demanded non-plastic packaging, we might clean up those garbage patches in the oceans.

I’m still getting supermarket stuff home delivered [about 4 weeks until I’m fully vaccinated], and the thing I hate the most is that the packer puts each kind of fruit and veg. into a separate plastic bag. Back when I did my own choosing, all my fruit and veg went straight into the trolley or straight into one of my own bags. I know that’s not possible now, but… -sigh-

Anyway, I’m looking forward to edible packaging. 🙂


Covid-19, worrying developments

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably reached a point where you’d like to forget about Covid-19 altogether, so sorry, but these developments could be important.

As always, my source is Dr John Campbell. You can find his latest Youtube video here. The three things that worry me from this video concern:

  • the implications of skin colour
  • the new inflammatory syndrome in children
  • the results of Germany’s cautious re-opening

Skin Colour

If you’ve watched Dr John’s videos before there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard his views on the role of vitamin D in possibly easing the severity of Covid-19. As people with darker skin produce vitamin D more slowly, he has been advocating that they be tested for vitamin D deficiency and prescribed supplements if necessary.

As someone with olive skin who was tested for vitamin D some years ago – and found to be deficient – I’ve made it a point to get out into the sunshine more. The connection to race though, that has made me feel a little uncomfortable. I hate racism in all its forms because I had a tiny taste of it as a kid in ‘White Australia’.

But…this statistical data from the UK is too stark to ignore:

The graph shows data that has been adjusted for socio economic factors and other risk factors that could skew the results. Despite this, the stats show that there is a continuum of increased risk based on skin colour. Basically, people of mixed race are just as likely to die of Covid-19 as the control group, which is white people.

From there, however, the likelihood of dying increases as skin colour darkens. People with black skin colour are shown to be twice as likely to die of Covid-19 as white people. And this is the graph that has been adjusted for other, known risk factors.

There may be some other, unknown risk factor at work, but if there is the slightest chance that skin colour, and hence vitamin D production is involved, then taking vitamin D could save lives.

There has been well documented research done on vitamin D and the effect it may have on protecting cells from viruses:

‘Vitamin D has long been recognized as essential to the skeletal system. Newer evidence suggests that it also plays a major role regulating the immune system, perhaps including immune responses to viral infection. Interventional and observational epidemiological studies provide evidence that vitamin D deficiency may confer increased risk of influenza and respiratory tract infection.’


There is also a lot of research that shows the health impacts that result from a lack of various other vitamins. The following are just a few of the best known ones:

Vitamin K

‘Vitamin K deficiency in adults is rare but does occur in infants. The main symptom of a vitamin K deficiency is excessive bleeding caused by an inability to form blood clots.’


Vitamin C

Scurvy is a disease resulting from a lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).’


Vitamin A

‘The major cause of blindness in children worldwide is xerophthalmia caused by vitamin A deficiency.’


I’m no expert on nutrition and vitamins, but it seems clear to me that vitamin D may save the lives of those most at risk. If that’s true, it must be acknowledged and used.

Inflammatory syndrome in children

So far, this new syndrome is quite rare – about 20 cases in the UK and 64 in the US – but it has been associated with Covid-19 so parents should be aware of it. The screenshot below was taken from Dr John’s video:

No one knows exactly what connection this new syndrome has to Covid-19, but any connection is worrying.

The syndrome has been named: Paediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome.

Re-opening in Germany

As Australia is also looking to cautiously ease the lockdown that’s protected us so well, I found the results from Germany less heartening than Dr John. The statistics shown are for only the first ten days since the lockdown in Germany was officially eased:

Even if every German citizen immediately raced out and kissed everyone they met, the incubation period for Covid-19 is between 2 and 9 days, give or take. As such, the numbers of new cases are not likely to rise exponentially for a week or two yet. In other words, I don’t think we’ve seen the true effect of the easing in Germany. Not yet.

I may be overly pessimistic, but I’m seriously scared that money, and human impatience, will give rise to a second wave of the virus, a second wave that will be significantly worse than the first.

During the Spanish Flu pandemic, the second wave was caused by a mutation in the original virus that made it much more virulent:

‘Reported cases of Spanish flu dropped off over the summer of 1918, and there was hope at the beginning of August that the virus had run its course. In retrospect, it was only the calm before the storm. Somewhere in Europe, a mutated strain of the Spanish flu virus had emerged that had the power to kill a perfectly healthy young man or woman within 24 hours of showing the first signs of infection.’


The Covid-19 virus does not appear to be mutating yet, but the more people that are infected, the greater the likelihood that one of them will host a mutated version of the virus.

Scientists all over the world are trying to develop a vaccine that will stop the spread of Covid-19, but they’re not there yet. They need more time.

I believe it’s up to us, and our governments, to do everything in our power to slow the spread of this virus. Not just to reduce the number of people dying from it, but also to reduce the chance that it will mutate. If the Spanish Flu is anything to go by, that mutation will not be benign.

I truly hate to be a Cassandra, but I’m really scared that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Stay well,

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