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Indie Book Month — Promote Your Books

I met a lot of my closest online friends via books. I’ve also read a lot of wonderful books through my friends. Here’s hoping that Charles French’s generous initiative helps us all find new books, and new friends. 🙂


via Indie Book Month — Promote Your Books

Calling all friends!

Hi everyone! As you may know, I lost my hard drive a few days ago. Unfortunately, my contact list was one of the many things I lost along with the hard drive. 😦

I’ve now got my pc put back together again, more or less, but I would really, REALLY appreciate it if everyone who has my ‘nikkojii’ email address could please send me an email.

The email can just be “blah blah”! All I need is the return email address – i.e. your email address so I can put my contact list back together.

I don’t use emails to ‘sell’ or ‘market’ anything – they’re just for personal communication – so you don’t have to worry about my misusing your info.

Okay, that’s it for the begging. I’d better go make the chocolate mousse now. Christmas will be very simple this year, but the troops would mutiny if I didn’t make chocolate mousse cake. 🙂



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