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The EGG has landed!

Massive hugs to Metan for letting me know The Vintage Egg is up on Amazon! After all that angst the nice tech people came through. Thank you Metan and thank you tech people at Amazon. 🙂

Now, you can find the Egg here :



No, this is not reverse psychology. I intend to use KDP Select to make the EGG free for 5 days starting tomorrow. So please, just wait a little.

Okay, that felt really weird. It’s not as if I’m a David Jones sale and hordes of people are camped outside,  waiting for the doors to open. The whole ‘please wait’ bit is so I can give you guys something for free, as a thank you. Thank you for the feedback on the cover, and thank you for encouraging me the last couple of days. And thank you just because. 😀



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