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I have an evil corporation! Maybe…

Courtesy dragoart.com

Courtesy dragoart.com

If you have been following the saga of my search for a name for my evil corporation, you will know from my last update that an internet search disqualified virtually all of the great names you guys came up with. 😦

Since then, I’ve been mulling over some of your more general suggestions – such as using numbers, or family names etc.

I thought the numbers idea might yield some results, but to be honest I thought any family name I came up with was bound to be taken.

Imagine my surprise when the name ‘Beaumont’ popped into my head just now… and wasn’t taken by any company! There are quite a few places, and people, called Beaumont, and one Beaumont Cocktails Australia Pty Ltd [I kid you not], but that’s it.

Being a belt and bracers kind of woman [smirk], I then googled ‘Beaumont Agriceuticals‘ and again came up blank! -dance-

So a million thanks to those of you who suggested names. You were right and I was wrong. And I’ve never been happier. 🙂

But wait… there’s more.

Inspired by this small, but significant success, I started thinking about the evil product again.

Earlier today I was searching online for a drug or hormone or something that would keep my staffers awake [thank you David]. In the process, I stumbled across a product called Modafinil.  Apparently this drug is an eugeroic that is marketed under a variety of brand names, including Provigil.

I ended up using the word eugeroic instead of the actual product name, but that search made me realise that most drugs have a sort of generic name, as well as a number of brand names.

Bear with me, I’m getting to the point. 🙂

So, I decided my evil product needed two names as well. For the brand name I’ve decided to go with ‘Bountiful’ coz it sounds so warm and fuzzy [thanks Marian].

For the generic product name I thought of going with :

Complete Synthetic Alimentation 12 [CSA12]

But wouldn’t you know it? It’s taken. So were a number of other variants. -bangs head on keyboard-

After much searching, and swearing, I’ve found something that will work :


If you pronounce the letter ‘h’ as ‘aitch’ it doesn’t sound too bad, and the name does imply a rather chilling backstory. Synthetic Alimentation could be something that Beaumont developed for animals… and then tweaked for humans, with the 1 standing for version 1.

In summary, the evil corporation – Beaumont Agriceuticals, Inc – created a product called hSA1, which they marketed under the brand name of Bountiful.

Yes? No? Maybe?



The week that was, or wow I’m wrecked…

I know weeks don’t normally start or end on a Wednesday, but since beginning my new course, Wednesday has become the pivotal point of my week.

I’ve just come home from my regular Wednesday class – 9.30 to 3.30, except for today which was 9.30 to 4.30 – and my brain feels like a broken powerline that’s shorting all over the place.  It’s not that the work is exceptionally hard, it’s not, but it does require a degree of consistent concentration my poor brain is not used to. I am enjoying it though. Sort of.

The other reason my brain feels slightly fried is that my Muse has come back with a vengeance. For the last five days I’ve been writing solidly from about 8 in the morning to 7 at night, at which point the pathetic cries of hunger from the family finally drive me into the kitchen.

Honestly? I’m on such a roll at the moment I’d just as soon not eat. But of course there’s a two-footed person, and multiple four-footed people who do not share my addiction to Innerscape. -sigh-

All of the above is a rather weak excuse for not having updated the Evil Corporation post. Unfortunately my ingrained Catholic guilt has finally got the better of me, so I’ve just googled all these names :-

Suggestions for Company Name

Unifood – I really liked Unifood, but when I googled the name… I found a unifood.com. 😦 -cries-

GC is also taken. 😦 Apparently it’s the name of a global corporation with subsidiaries all over the world. No idea what they make/do. -sigh-

Happi  = a [Japanese?] company selling Happi coats? …

Oceanux – a software development company…

Gemso – an [Italian? Spanish?] company making who knows what….

GOCAC – this one has what amounts to an empty page on Facebook. What gives with that?

GROCAC – Leon Grocac is an ‘auditeur’ in Paris?

I’m starting to feel a little faint….


Suggestions for product name.

Nutrisynth – Someone has bought the domain name, possibly a speculator as there is no activity on the site. 😦

FeedUp  – a fish food company? I think it’s Italian. 😦

Bountiful – Oh My God… it’s not taken?!?

Ambrosia – There’s an Ambrosia Cafe in Brisbane of all places but this may be a possibility

Manna – http://www.mannainc.com.au/  This appears to be a charitable organization that provides free food to the destitute in Perth.

Out of all those names, including the made up funny ones, only Bountiful [and possibly Ambrosia with a qualifier] won’t get me sued.

To say I’m suddenly feeling incredibly depressed is an understatement. It looks as if every food or biotek related name will be taken. That leaves me with only family name + something – If I’m lucky.

I never, ever imagined finding a name for the evil corporation of my dreams would be this hard…

-slinks off to cook dinner-



Need a name for an evil corporation!

From Wiki

From Wiki

My research for Innerscape is coming along nicely, but now I need a name for the evil multinational that developed the food which had such a terrible effect on Miira and other refugees like her.

I can’t use the name of a real company, much as I would like to, so I have to make something up.  Any thoughts?

This is a little ‘press release’ I came up with today. Not sure if I’ll use it but I like it for now :

“After twenty years of legal wrangling, the Australian Attorney-General today announced the government intended to take multinational food giant, XX, before the International Court of Justice.

The UN ruling – that multinational corporations possess legal personalities, and hence are subject to international law – has been in force since 2077, but this is only the second time a sovereign State has taken a multinational to the ICJ for a violation of human rights.

The Australian government contends that XX did not exercise due diligence in its development of low-cost nutrition, Total Care. The government further maintains that after becoming aware of the deleterious health effects of Total Care on the refugees flooding into Australia, XX pursued an active campaign of denial and coverup that lasted over thirty years, and continues to this day.

Total Care, which was distributed to all refugees coming to Australia from the Pacific Rim between 2060 and 2085, is claimed to have caused a variety of rare cancers in 85% of the first generation of refugees, and birth defects in subsequent generations. The use of Total Care was discontinued in February, 2086.’

World Holo News, May 13, 2100.

And while you’re at it, any ideas for a better name than Total Care? Every time I look at it I’m reminded of toothpaste. 😦

Just as a matter of interest, my research today revealed that multinationals are not subject to international law. I even found an article from Utrecht university saying the only way this would change is if multinationals were deemed to have personalities – i.e being an entity. The author thinks this will happen – when governments get the intestinal fortitude to push it through. I figured it would take at least 50 years!

I’m back at school all day tomorrow, so won’t be able to read your comments until the evening. Please keep them coming though!



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